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Why Keywords - Are They Necessary?

Aug 17, 2007
Are keywords necessary? You bet they are. Learn all you can about keywords because they are the backbone of
everything you do on the internet. Everyone who uses the internet uses keywords whether they know it or not.

What is a keyword? Let me start out with an example. Pretend that you are interested
in 'clean seashells' and you would like to have some information about it. Enter
'clean seashells' into a search engine on the internet.

A page will come up with several sites associated with cleaning seashells. And, of course you guessed it,
'clean seashells' is a keyword or to be more precise a keyword phrase. To keep it short a keyword is a word or phrase that is
entered into a search engine to find sites with information for that term.

Most software used to run keyword searches gives the number of times the word or phrase was searched
for within a specific length of time, usually the previous thirty days. This is what indicates the
popularity of the keyword.

There are many products for sale that run keyword searches. Some are quite elaborate but there is one that is
free and does a good job. Try it:

Type in a keyword, click 'go' and Overture (recently purchased by Yahoo) will print out 100 related keywords.
The number of searches performed will be to the left of each word. Before I began studying keywords it
seemed that most people knew they had to have a lot of them but they were not sure why. Did anyone ever tell
you why? Do you know why?

One time an acquaintance of mine was so proud because he had 5000 keywords. He was so excited you would think the
number of keywords guaranteed success. If only it were that simple. In actuality the number of keywords is only
relevant to the use you have for them and the popularity.

For instance, if you are going to build a 500 page website you may want 500 keywords, one keyword for each page. But
that is another story. When someone types in one of your keywords you'll have a page of information for them.
In truth, today we use considerably less keywords than were used in the past.

If you plan to start an online business, keywords help you find your niche (subject of your business).
Brainstorm a few subjects that interest you, jot down four or five and run a keyword search on each.

Make sure the interest is there for any business you go into. There needs to be enough interest (number of searches)
for you to be successful but not so much that the competition would be too fierce.

Another facet is 'the higher the popularity of a keyword, the higher the cost of each 'pay per click'. If the
competition is too stiff you will be competing against all the gurus. In that case you need to
study more before you tackle it.

I cannot tell you how many searches indicate a worthwhile interest. I have heard some say they would not
use any keyword with less that a thousand hits (searches) in a month. Yet, if you use several keywords of lessor
interest with say 60 hits a month, add them all up and you would have good interest. You will need to experiment a little.

Keywords are the basis for almost everything you do in relationship to your 'online home business.

Some other uses for keyword searches are:

Finding a product
Finding a need to create your own product
Planning an advertising campaign
Building a website

There is no point doing a lot of work on a product etc. if there is no interest in it at all. Fifteen searches in the
previous month does not show much interest. Remember, only proceed with a business or product search, etc. if there is
an interest in it. If there is no interest, keep looking and run the research over again.

Good Luck.
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