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How To Start Your Internet Biz In Seven Days Using Reseller Packages

Aug 17, 2007
This article will give you some ideas how to get started with your new internet business in just about 7 days, using reseller right products. My friend Keith did it. He managed to get a dirt cheap reseller rights package for $47 and sold more than $15,000 of these same products applying some simple tricks.

Now the awful part of this tale is this. I have an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA I can cheer about. Keith was barely able to get a high school diploma. When it came to making money, however, Keith was brilliant and I was the village idiot. You will learn the same secrets that Keith used and copy them to gain unlimited internet marketing success.

Step 1 - Find a Niche Market For Something You Want To Do

The Chinese proverb says "A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step." How true is that proverb! No wonder the Chinese are doing so well on the internet. Do you like trains? Trains ands model railroading might be your thing. How about gold prospecting? My friend Dave (age 75) did it just for kicks. He and his wife just returned from a vacation in Austria and the Czech Republic. How about training dogs? The family mutt can help you there.

How many grains of sand are there on the beach? That's how many niche markets there are. Just pick one and go with it.

Step 2 - Select a Quality Resell Rights Package And Run With It.

Quality is extremely important if you want to gain recognition on the web. You can hunt for quality resell rights products on Google. Let us assume that your niche is gold prospecting, You can search for...


Enter this keyword on Google. You will get hundreds if not thousands of results giving you some resell rights packages relating to panning for gold. This will definitely blow your mind. You will also find very quickly that Google is not a lady. Google will return everything it sees on gold prospecting, including stuff related to mining gold on the internet. This has nothing to do with the precious yellow metal, but the keywords pick up everything.

Step 3 - Create A Package of Your Own.

Select a few quality resell right products. Jumble them up and create a unique package of your own. Give a name to your package. If your name is Bob, (that's me) you can call your package something like "Bob's Training Institute For Gold Prospecting."

You can add your own services to your package that no one provides. This will make your package sell like hot cakes. Creating unique packages will distinguish your product from the crowd selling the same resell rights package.

Step 4 - Add Quality Bonus.

You can create killer reports, videos or add more quality resell right products as bonuses.
Adding your own bonus will increase perceived value of the package.

Step 5 - Create Killer Website Copy and Graphics.

Do not copy the same website copy as given by the resell rights package. Read the copy, remove benefits out of it and write your own copy. The same goes for website graphics. Do not use the graphics provided to you by the resell rights package. Instead, design your own website and create your own graphics to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Step 6 - Create An Effective Follow Up System.

You should have an effective follow up system. This can be a free ebook, ecourse, report or a video. Create a landing page and give your visitors this free gift once they subscribe to your list.

Your follow up system should provide quality information and sell your package too. Having this kind of follow up system in place will boost up your sales.

Step 7 - Get Traffic to Your Landing Page.

Start getting traffic to your landing page. Write articles, participate in discussion forums, create a blog, create search engine optimized content sites, get involved in pay per click search engines, place ezine ads and do everything you can to attract traffic.

Once your subscriber signs up in your list, your follow up system will automatically promote your package and make sales.

Step 8 - Generate Weekly Newsletters.

Make sure you blast weekly newsletters to your list that contains quality articles. Also make sure you promote your package as well as your affiliate products to make cool money in return.

Step 9 - Link Exchange

Do not overlook setting up link exchanges from your website to other sites. They would love to promote gold prospecting that you might offer in return for you promoting picks and shovels. That's an example of setting up a mutual link. You help growing the other fellow's business and he will help you grow yours. It sounds like a fair exchange to me.
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Bob Carper is a veteran consultant in information systems He holds a a MBA from Pitt. For additional information go to
http://www.secure-webconference.citymax.com. His blogsite is http://www.html-secrets.net/blog. You may also contact him at robertcarper06@comcast,net
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