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What Is A Teleseminar And How Can I Profit From It?

Aug 17, 2007
Though it is not a new concept, the telephone meeting idea has gone through many technological changes through the years.

It started as a simple office conference call among employees in long-distance locations.

Today, technology allows the host or presenter to include training sessions, sales and marketing presentations, Power Point Presentations, videos, and much more.

They are becoming increasingly popular as people come to realize the cost savings of a teleseminar compared to an in-person presentation. This is especially true of businesses which have locations not only nationally, but internationally as well.

The cost savings in travel alone can more than cover the cost of the equipment and the service itself. One company has a conference call scheduled weekly between their Delaware office and their office in Dublin, Ireland. It would be economically unfeasible for everyone to get together in person to have a meeting on a weekly, or even monthly, basis.

Colleges have also adapted this practice as part of their distance-learning program. Students dial a phone number furnished by the school and receive the lecture for that day in addition to homework assignments.

They are usually only required to attend class in order to take exams. Of course, as with more traditional correspondence courses the student must have good discipline to do these kind of courses.

The student must take it upon themselves to be disciplined enough to know what needs to be completed and when in order to meet the requirements of the course. The teleclasses are not limited to colleges by any means.

Companies have taken to using them as part of their on-the-job training, and mini-courses that are available on the Internet or even through local educational institutions are also available.

As we look toward the future, teleconferencing will likely evolve into video conferencing.

Videoconferencing is being done more and more widely, and it is likely to become commonplace, especially with so many people becoming interested in working at home or wanting less travel with their jobs.

All of this new technology is wonderful, in its place, but teleconferencing cannot and will not replace the in-person seminar or meeting.

The telephone will never replace the personal contacts and relationships that are developed through people getting together as a group, nor should it.

However, teleconferencing does provide a way to bring people together effectively and inexpensively, and it represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs.
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