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A Check-Up on Life

Aug 17, 2007
Many of us may have experienced even at least one point in our lives when we have taken a pause or a backseat from our journey to see how far we have gone and on whether this is the road that we want to take. Several times have we taken pit stops on the hope of having a clearer frame of mind to see the road that lies ahead of us. On the path towards what people may refer to as a life goal dream, self-fulfillment or however one calls it, there may be occasions when we feel there is a need for us to take a different course or to change the strategies that we may be currently doing.

Sometimes, life's problems and hardships can bring us so down to the point that we lose the drive and the energy to get back on the path towards what we think would make us happy.

It is true that there are millions of people around the world who sit at home lonely thinking what they are life could have been had they chosen to pursue a career of their own.

There are millions of working individuals who dread the fact of waking up every morning and going to a job they hate every single day because they have no choice of the matter. Without that job, how could they pay the rent, put food on the table, pay for bills, send their children to school, etc.

Every single day, millions of people wake up to a day full of possibilities and a day full of uncertainty. You will never know if luck will strike or you will strike out on luck.

For the many who may be going through such a life's crisis all I can say is this. We only go through life once so I say upon to you, look within yourself and try to assess on who and what you are to be able to select a future that you think is appropriate for you.

Don't force yourself on things like a job that you wouldn't like. If you are not given much of a choice, choose a job that could at least give you the income and the time to enjoy the other side of life. While we often think that it is greener on the other side of the pasture, think again.

Quite often, life's simple pleasures are right under our very noses and all we lack is just some focus not knowing that it is right in front of us. Remember that life is complicated and is not only focused on your job but you have family, friends, etc.

Everything happens for a reason because everything has its proper place at the right time. Everybody deserves happiness in this world and it is all a matter of perspective and knowing where to look for what makes you truly happy.
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