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The Downside Of Becoming Game Tester

Aug 17, 2007
Getting to be a Video Game Tester seems to be the better profession in the world currently after all, which other profession allows you to gain for what the whole world enjoys doing? If you are a Video Game Tester, apparently all you have to do is to play games for many hours a day, and get paid for reporting bugs and other flaws in the game. Does anything get rosier than that?

I am talking about sites that offer people to test games from the luxuries of their homes. This site offers people from all over the world to take the occasion of being a Video Game Tester. To be able to do this, people have to buy a membership on this site, which costs somewhere about $60. However, there are always some discount offers going on here, and then the membership is a lifetime membership. And then, on paying this amount, the people stands to earn anywhere between $10 and $80 per hour, and apparently just by playing games.

It seems too good to be true. But then, anything that is too good to be true usually isn't. Being a Video Game Tester is touted to be a very highly paying job that anyone can do, but it isn't by any means a simple job. There is indeed a lot of effort to be put in.

First and foremost, the prospect of playing games throughout the day may sound alluring at first, but believe me you, there is nothing more taxing than playing video games if you are doing it day in and day out. Playing video games round the clock may entice perhaps some video game freaks, but not the general population. And then, you would have to play a wide variety of games, including some downright gook. You have to be ready for that. A Video Game Tester cannot be a chooser. They have to play whatever game they manage to get, and have to see it through the end.

And remember, the job is for a Video Game Tester, not a video game player. That means, you will have to analyze and scrutinize every minor aspect of the game. Every bug will need to be reported, and even the errors in graphic will wants to be told. Doing this verbally is indeed a taxing thing to do.

Playing the game itself could be a difficult job to do. How often do we browse for walkthroughs and even game cheats when playing But, for a game that you are testing, there will be no such information. You will have to finish the game in most cases, without any assistance and only then are you eligible for payment. If you are not able to complete a level, there goes your money.

For some of us, there is also the question of job satisfaction to be taken into account. Okay, you are getting a fat check at the end of it all, but how much creativity are you using? Are you producing anything? These questions do rankle some hardcore professionals. Playing games is not looked upon as work, and Video Game Testers are sometimes looked upon as unemployed folk.

Finally, you must beware of all such Video Game Tester job sites on the net. There are lots of scams here, especially since they require to make a payment upfront. It is always good to go ahead on the recommendation of someone who has been in the field.
About the Author
Sean is a Video Game Tester and he has seen the pros and cons of the field minutely. He does make his earning from this profession today, but he has had his share of setbacks. He has now philanthropically started a website where he cautions people who are to enter into this profession. You can read some of his opinions on this website, which is available at:
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