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Top 3 Internet Income Method Any Newbies Must Know

Aug 17, 2007
Internet marketing is truly the wave of the future. Every single day, people are discovering the wonderful world of the Internet or World Wide Web. They are fascinated by its ability to connect people from all parts of the world in one centralized place.

If you are NOT making money by marketing your product or services to these hungry new prospects or those experienced Internet users that know the value of the internet, then you're missing out on a great opportunity that can make you huge sums money. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 internet income method that can take you from inexperienced newbie to profitable Internet Marketer.

There are 3 main income method that you can pursue for generating income from your IM efforts. They are affiliate programs, traffic generation and email marketing. Here is an explanation of each:

Affiliate programs are those programs in which you "sell" a product or service on behalf of your strategic partners. In return, you receive a commission for your efforts. The commission can range from 1-99% of the revenues.

Traffic generation is where you "drive" traffic to your website or blog so that you can sell more products or services. On other hand, you provide your targeted audience with a "compelling reason" to visit your site in hopes that they reward you with whatever it is that you are selling. This can be done by utilizing three different internet income method of traffic generation.

#1 Article marketing- you write original articles that are specifically related to your site and post them on article directories, complimentary websites, etc, in hopes that someone will read your article and visit your site via your resource box or author's bio to learn more.

#2 Link directories- you develop partners with other webmasters and form a link partnership with them. They link to your site and you link to theirs in hopes that their visitors will visit your link and purchase something from you.

#3 Ezine marketing. This is very similar to article marketing except here you market your product or service through ezine ads using this internet income method.

Email marketing is where you create a squeeze page using Microsoft FrontPage and then encourage your readers to sign up for a free offer in hopes that you can follow up using auto responders to pitch further products or services that they might be interested in.

In conclusion, if you use affiliate programs, traffic generation and email marketing in order to meet potential prospects and sell your products or services to them, you will see your profits rise in this top 3 internet income method.
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