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Make An Occupation Playing Games, Be A Video Game Tester

Aug 17, 2007
If you think like me, then playing games is just about the most amusing thing that can be done with the computer. Well, I know that I spend almost all my non working time trying out some or the other games on my PlayStation or on my Xbox. Now think, how it would be if you could actually gain some money out of playing games? Sounds incredible, does it? Let me tell you, being a Video Game Tester is all about that!

For those of you who are uninitiated to this field, let me explain what being a Video Game Tester actually entails. There are currently several games coming in the market, what with the surfeit of game platforms available. Each one wants to do better than the other, and there is almost cutthroat competition. Add to that the necessity of being the first to come out in the market with what are called as 'concept' games, and you have scores of games releasing worldwide each day.

However, this sort of productivity does hamper quality. Game designers do make high end graphic games, but there could be bugs in the game. There could be places in the game where the player could just not be able to go ahead. If such a thing happens, you can very well imagine what a colossal failure the game will turn out to be. In order to prevent such problems, every designed game needs a tester, and that's where the Video Game Tester comes in.

Video Game Tester are people common folk like you and me, who play the games from scratch, covering all possibilities, and try to find out if the game designers have bunged up anywhere. For this purpose, they can earn a hefty check at the end of each month. The above site itself promises incomes of $10 to $80 each hour just testing games, which makes game testing one of the highest paying freelance jobs around.

But there's a catch. You cannot enter into this profession for free. Gametesterguide requires a normal registration fee of about $60 for a lifetime membership on the field. That means, once this payment is done, members will be able to test new games from their developers for as long as they wish. There are also some kind or the other of discounts always going on, and this price of $60 is often slashed to even half its value.

Most people become skeptical due to the initial upfront fee that is to be paid. This makes them baulk away and miss out on even genuine opportunities. However, one cannot be sure of anything without giving it a try. If genuine, then it is a very small investment to make in order to get a lifetime of a highly paying job.
About the Author
Sean is an avid gamer who has tried out his hand at most game titles big and small over the years. Recently, he has found out a way to convert this passion of his into a profession. He is now a full fledged Video Game Tester , and is really falling in love with his life all over again. You can read some more of his reviews on his own website, available at:
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