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How Business Coaches Can Sell Their Expertise Over And Over Again

Aug 17, 2007
With the pace of change in business today happening faster than a CD spinning in a drive, there comes a time when a person loses orientation and focus in the business. This is where a completely different approach, and a different vision, is required to survive. The business needs to expand and grow, and this is where business coaching comes into the picture. The vision needs to be examined and built upon. And, it is also very important to select the right coach.

If a person were in, what we call, an idea to business to billions then they would require an Incubation Business Coach. If they are zero to three years old in business, they need a Startup Business Coach. Hitting three years in a business is a critical stage, and the need then is to hire a Business Breakthrough Coach. For weaker organizations, an Organizational Coach is required.

Another trend, especially is among Fortune 500 companies, is to use specialty coaches for specific needs. This is done to save or rebuild an employee as rehiring, especially at senior management levels, is a costly affair. Business coaching involves a lot of brainstorming, with the coach asking the right questions. In fact, business coaching is primarily about questioning and exploration. The plan of action comes after this stage, and is jointly derived by the coach and the pupil, with the coach showing the most correct path to success.

However, the most critical component, which creates success, is people. But people bring their personal issues to the company. The Business Coach cannot afford to neglect this fact, and might in fact suggest personal coaching in certain cases.

So the question arises, can Business Coaches create Multiple Profit Centers, or MPCs, by selling their expertise in more ways than one? It is seen that there are specialty coaches for different purposes and for the different stages of a business. But the fact remains that the basic qualities required for all these different business coaches remain the same. So does the idea and the need of Business Coaches. Here lies the opportunity of selling the expertise in multiple ways. It is preferable that revenue comes from multiple clients and from multiple sources other than the primary service. Here, the primary service can be that specialized coaching field in which the coach has been trained. But this coach can also venture into other more generalized coaching, with the skills and expertise acquired from practicing over a period of time.

Another good idea would be coaching others to become a coach (after all, coaches also require training and coaching). Apart from these, a Business Coach can venture into writing self-help books and motivational books, both in print and the electronic format. A professional writer can be hired to put the coachs ideas into words. And apart from regular coaching/consulting, one can also venture into providing e-courses and teleclasses/telecourses, at membership subscription websites. The advances in Information Technology has made all this possible, and thus it opens up different avenues of making money without necessarily spending too much to create a set-up.

Hence, one can always utilize the knowledge and content, and then re-purpose and repackage them for profit in multiple ways.
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