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Good Web Design And Bad Web Design

Aug 17, 2007
Web design can come in many shapes and forms and by this I mean good and bad coding and design. The html coding that goes into your website is what holds it all together, and puts everything in place and where you want it to show up. However you must code it correctly.

This isnt always the case though. People can still code out a website with bad mistakes and the site still display fine. However if youre paying for these sites do you really want to pay someone to do it the wrong way rather then the correct way? I didnt think so. Thats why you must find companies that know how to lay out the code correctly so it flows smooth.

Another reason for good coding is what if you want to update your website? Would you understand the html coding if it was done poorly and things where just placed where ever? Or would you rather look at something that is neat and easy on the eyes, and you can actually understand it.

There is a lot that goes into this that you might not really think about. However you should really consider this when searching for people to build you a website. I know the old saying goes you get what you pay for, but that doesnt really work when it comes to web design.

You see web design is a skill or a trade that is learned. So anyone can easily learn how to build a website the correct way. However when it comes to pricing and deciding the final cost of a project some people might consider going a little to far with what they are charging you. If this is something anyone can do why should you pay loads of money for it correct?

Well that is correct, but only to and extent. You see yes anyone can build a site, but can they make it look professional looking, and add things to the site such as shopping carts or images? More they likely they cant, and that is where youll find that you need someone who is skilled and talented to come in and design your site.

A good web designer will be able to code out your site correctly and be able to add the necessary information and things you might want to show up on the site, and still be able to keep it in a fair price range that wont drain your bank account.
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