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Are You Prepared For Baby Booming Chaos!

Aug 17, 2007
Could you allow your family to pay a potential 30 percent to 50 percent of increased taxes from the already current tax rate, so the upcoming baby boomers can hit the golf course at sixty-two while they drink gin and tonic all the way till they hit 85 years of age? Building a business or better yet, a wholesale business these days have never been so crucial for many of us than ever before.

The lack of discernment and consideration from our U.S government was to be expected. Those who were born from 1946-1964 are expected to cash-in for the baby -Boomsday- year. When many of our family members and friends hit the age of 62 years of age, as of now, it could mean $2.7 trillion in federal budget debt that would have to be paid up for generations to come!

Can you imagine what could be having the baby boomer generation, about 77 million and counting, turning 62 and 65 years of age from all US states and territories in this up ahead booming years, in exact facts, starting from year 2011 and beyond? With Iraq being a total mess and global warming being the spotlight for the potential years to come-what could your paycheck, savings and income mean to you and your family for the foreseen 2011? Will you leave that to George Bush, Al Gore-faith?

Get to know even more facts that could affect your job, investment and wholesale businesses. What are the approximate ages of today authority politicians in our US government? There is no need to perform much research for it, it sure is easy to deduct. With a quick realistic minimum view, more than 50% in positions of power are baby boomers. Do you think any politician with power or those who can be heard by others who outrank them will want their Social Security or Medicare plan to be affected in cost, upon them getting to retire?

Right now it sounds like first class tickets to Carnival Cruise are going to be fully booked for 2011. If nobody with higher ranks in our US government does something enlightening to fix this huge loophole of upcoming higher tax rates thanks to the millions of Baby Boomers that are up for retirement cashing in their social security and millions upon millions getting granted the maximum coverage of Medicare- many will hate the market, others will definitely love the market.

The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. Inflation all the way through every industry, a regular sandwich costing more than Kennedy Space Center dinner for two and if you are between the ages of 18-35, instead of having 2 jobs like many people in the medium class have, you will have to get either an acceptable pay raise at your job to survive, potential get 3 jobs or in more calm ways of writing it without realistic up-ahead drama or sounding too cynic- you build businesses online!

You have a plethora of options to choose. Would you like to work harder and more, or would you rather work harder for a proper amount of time with financial purposes counting family and stay relaxed when the bad days come? The facts are all over, will you be swept away by hope and belief in our current government or will you carry the torch for the years ahead with so many facts about our upcoming 2011 -Boomsday- year. You should ensure your financial future for the years ahead, make smart decisions based on the already available facts and you should be more than fine!
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