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Mom Was Wrong -What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

Aug 17, 2007
A salesperson's job is to solve the customer's needs and problems with their products and services. When this is done the sale is closed faster and usually at a higher profit.

To do the job with the most efficiency and gain a larger amount of profit the salesperson must know what the customer's needs and problems are. If you do not know each individual customers needs and problems it will hurt you in the form of fewer sales and lower profits.

To find out what your customers needs and problems are is very easy.

A.Do your homework.
Spending a small amount of time discovering what the customer really needs and wants will make you a much more efficient and effective sales professional. You will close more sales faster.

Ask their employees. Ask their suppliers. Ask their competition. Ask others in their industry. And if you really want to save time and discover what you need to know to close the sale ask the customer. That is right ask your customer what their needs and problems are. They will tell you, for two reasons.

1.The first is fundamental with all human beings. People love to talk about themselves.

2.And second, if they think you can help them they will open up to you if you ask the right questions in the correct way.

The right questions are questions about them. Here is where most salespeople start to fail to close the sale.
Instead of making the entire sales presentation about the customer they make it about themselves and their products. The top sales producers have the sale made before they ever mention their products and services.

The correct way to ask a question is to give your customer a choice of answers. Give choice questions for three reasons.
One - The customer can never answer you with 'NO'. And we all understand that once the customer starts saying and thinking "NO"the close becomes more difficult.

Two - Giving the customer a choice gives them the feeling of control. Customers buy and buy more when they feel they are in control.
Third - And the third and just as important reason to give your customer choices is you can guide the sale to a close with the answers that you have planned for the customer to give you. Only give them choices that advance your sale.

Don't tell my mother I said this but, Mom was wrong. What you don't know will hurt you when you are trying to sell your products and services.
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