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How To Generate More Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
As an internet marketer, when you heard about 'content', the first thing comes out from your mind probably are written words, audios or videos. The fact is - add or incorporate more "content" to your website can help you generate more traffic in a number of ways.

I said this is because search engines love those websites that offer valuable content to their readers. Believe me; you can always use this technique to leverage the traffic to your website.

Regards to the fact, visitors just love the sites that offer them free content. From my personal point of view, if I go to a website that only has a storefront; I may not buy anything because I am hesitant. On the other hand, if I get into the site, click around bit, I will learn more about the owners and their products, once I find the things they are offering that valuable to me, I may just pull out my wallet.

In addition, content also makes a website "sticky", which means when a visitor comes to your website and find that the information (in many format) you provided is good or are sort of things they are looking for, more likely, they will return back often.

So how to add content to your website?

Following are some of the best ways that I used, which had brought out the results.

1. Add Articles To Your Website

If you are interested in writing, just write your own unique content and posted them to your site. If you hate writing or do not have time to do it, then just use those free reprint and private label rights (PLR) articles and add them to your sites. However, if you use PLR articles, remember to read it and do some necessary changes otherwise, you will see them everywhere on the internet.

2. Add A Blog

If you do not want to add articles directly to your site, then you can create a blog wherever you can write about your products or services, at the same time, you can list your special offers on the site as well. No matter which way you choose to do, just work and establish yourself as an expert in your area, in that way, people will come back to your site for more.

3. Tweak Your Product Descriptions

I like this tip, it is a simple way to increase the content to your website, and possibly, sometime it can help you increase the sales as well.

By doing this, you can add more text to your product descriptions in your storefront, just be more descriptive. Remember when you do this, you have to be careful and do not put too many words there because it is not good for the site ranking especially if your page is not already highly ranked.

4. Ask For Comments And Feedback

No matter what kind of website you have, incorporating comments from others will help your website looks more valuable.

5. Add Testimonials

I bet you heard a lot about this, it is a simple and effective, testimonials not only make your site appear more trustworthy, but they also add content for search engines, which is good for your site rankings.

6. Archive Your Newsletters

If you publish a weekly newsletter, archive your previous issues on your website.

7. Add Audio

Compare with few years ago, it is more simple and easy to record and publish audio online now since there are so many services available. You can interview someone or have someone interview you, and then publish it on your website to added more credibility for your visitors, at the same time, to add more information there.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Keep track of the customer service questions you receive, and answer them on a FAQ page. This way will help you add more content to your site and spend less time answering repeat questions from your potential clients.

So try this above tips, you will see the difference.
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