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The 4 Tips on Daycare Teacher Success

Aug 17, 2007
Any childcare center being family childcare or group childcare will tell you one simple thing. Their success lies within the teachers who care for the child who attend care everyday. So if the success of any daycare is based on the teacher than what are the simple steps in building great teachers who support a great daycare?

It can definitely be a challenge to recruit great teachers, but they are certainly out there. One thing to keep in mind is that finding a great teacher can be challenging, but it is also your part to keep that great teacher. With this in mind let's disclose the 4 key factors in keeping a great childcare teacher.

1. Always make that teacher feel loved and appreciated for their commitment to childcare. Not everyday can be as easy one- and that applies to every profession. But if you keep responding with positive, nurturing comments you are sure to have success. Always make sure that teachers are treated fairly, respected, and rewarded for all their hard work.

2. Be available and visible to your teacher each and every day. Everyone needs human interaction and they don't want to feel isolated and singled out. Also keep in mind that situations will arise and you or your teacher may want to discuss possible solutions or options. Always be cheerful and look on the bright side of everyone. Negativity never helps any situation.

3. Provide training and additional opportunities for education. Give your teacher opportunities to grow, network with other teachers and providers, and get new ideas for their childcare room. Networking with other teachers is a great way for teachers to get new ideas and learn from each other.

4. Reward you teacher for their love of children. Give additional time off days, vacations, gifts on holidays, thank you cards, gift cards, any thing you can think of which tells them,You are special to me. A $1.99 thank you card can really go a long way and can continue keeping your star teacher motivated and appreciated for all that they do.

Lastly, as a provider or owner of a daycare center always remember to take care of yourself and realize that if you don't nurture yourself no one else will. Daycare owners and providers are busy people not only business owners, but mothers, and wives as well. Be respectful of your time spent and realize that care must be given to your own self.
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