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The Importance of Setting a Goal

Aug 17, 2007
The only way of achieving anything in life is by setting goals. But a few years ago I learned that I really had no idea on how to set a goal. It's not just about saying, I need to loose 20 pounds. We all have things that we want to do but some how we kick them to the curb after a few days or weeks.

So what makes the difference between people who say they want to do something, and those who really achieve their dreams? Let's go over a few hallmark concepts that separate those people who just sit and talk to those who actually achieve what they put their minds to.

1. People who are successful listen to their intuition and let their inner desires guide them. Did you ever have a feeling about something not being right and just go ahead with it anyways? It is a small voice that is not guided by past failures, other people's opinions, logic, and history. I've found that intuition is strongest when my environment is quite. I keep music, television, and other items to a minimum. Keeping in tune with yourself means that you need to keep the noise around you at bay. Another helpful item is a journal, write down what your intuition tells you.

2. Develop your plan of action. Be sure to write down your goals, if you don't they won't be real. Place your goals somewhere that you will see them on a daily basis. Realize that the difference between a wish and a goal is visualizing what you want, once you have a clear picture in your mind you can place that thought in your subconscious. This will allow you to focus on the duty at hand. Visualize yourself loosing 20 pounds; see yourself confidently talking in front of a group of people.

3. Most importantly, create a deadline. Deadlines are a magical way of motivating yourself to get the job done. I've found that when I miss a deadline I feel poorly about myself. Goals also should be written with the ending thought in mind. For example, I wish to loose 20 pounds in one year. But I also wish to loose 5 pounds each month for the first 6 months. With this thought in mind it is easier to reach your final goal with a series of steps.

Writing you goals as if they have already occurred helps you achieve your goals. For example, I now weight 145 pounds. I now am able to talk in front of 50 people. Staying sold on yourself motivates yourself to complete all your goals. Fill your mind with positive information, listen to motivational tapes and read books that are based on positive thinking and improvement. Turn off the T.V. and especially do not watch the morning news.

Start out your day with viewing your goals that you have written. Be grateful for all that you have and realize that you have the ability for achieving so much more.
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