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The Wholesale Business Inconvenient Scam

Aug 17, 2007
How many times have you heard about the famous saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? As of today, there are perfect examples for this rising issue that continues to hit auctions all across the worldwide web. The issue probably cannot be stopped for the years to come- it is like a plague you just cannot shut down.

The clearest of all can easily be found on quite a few online portals. To have you understand the point, you may go right now to eBay. This product selling scam could be found as of today in high priced ticket items from a seller. You search for a laptop, notebook or anything similar regarding electronics and anything that maybe supplied by a distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler at a high price and you may be partially get fooled by the auction.

The auction may get titled: HDTV/PLASMA Toshiba 42 Inch Wholesale List- as the title of the auction with a very low price of $99.00 as startup price or, with minimum bids, just to jump-start a compulsive emotional bid from your eBay account and hard earning money. You may get excited about the price and immediately bid in the auction just to find out later on that what you currently bid as higher potential winning bid was a supplier source to get the actual Plasma TV.

This auctioneers that enter famous auctions sites like eBay usually get banned in less than 24hrs for their malicious wholesale business listing and for having a total wholesale list scam that cannot be accepted on any auction site. These sellers try to trick you by posting a fancy picture of the plasma TV or HDTV screen that you probably had a glimpse a day after and you luckily arrive in such moment and either notice something wrong and walk away or, you just place a bid without knowing about the scam too later find out about the truth.

You are not alone, it happened to me and it happens too many of us that arrived on the net almost about a decade ago. The funny thing is that as I am writing, I am finding more and more people desperate to get your money from your hard earned money. Kind of irritates me when I even here my own people from Puerto Rico calling me and saying: Man I found out about a huge bargain running in an excellent auction ending now on Sunday, you will love what I am getting!

Later on when finding out, my exciting friend later on tells me: I need to cancel the bid, how do I do it?I just find out that it says way below in small print from the auction description that it is a wholesale list and not the actual product pictured in the auction! If you are an eBay freak like me, have you at least heard of it or does this scenario sound familiar now?

The key here is, read every auction and website selling points completely. Sites like eBay usually handle all this issues in a timely manner, sometimes it is just too overwhelming to deal with the issue in 24hrs, but if you assist them by reporting it, the wholesale list supposed product will be down fast and the auctioneer trying to run a wholesale business with deceiving tactics, will get a term of: No longer a registered user on eBay- and on any ethical auction site. Remember, If it sounds too good to be true- it probably is.
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