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3 Dead Easy Ways To Get More Subscribers And Build Your Opt-In List

Aug 17, 2007
It is obvious in the Internet world that people have to go to websites to find and get what they want. However the decision to buy the product can be quite hard for the customer to decide. This battle going on in the mind of your customer needs credibility and persuasion in order for your customer to set the decision you want them to make.

It has been said and proven that the email marketing strategy is the one of the strategies you should not miss out when you're doing any system of Internet marketing. This is because first visit sales rarely make the cut. Customers have to be persuaded, reminded and told to visit our sites again to make them confirm and get the product. To properly administer email marketing, you first need an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse. The autoresponder is a software that can make automatic and sequential emails to your subscribers. What you should do next is to create an opt-in page for people to subscribe to you on your site.

The three easy opt-in strategies you can use to get people to subscribe to your opt-in list are:

1.Provide Them With A Bonus

Give your potential subscribers something to look forward to when they subscribe to your list. People get excited when they receive something they could get for free. You can provide for them a free bonus product that is of value whent hey subscribe to you. It can be a digital product such as an ebook or a physical sample of a product that you're selling.

2.The Subscription Box

The Subscription box is a large square or rectangle formed by bold and dotted lines. The opt-in form where people impart their name and email address is placed into that box. The main purpose of the Johnson box is to get the attention of the visitor to psychologically move their eyes to the Johnson box, read the benefits of being your subscriber and subscribe to your list.

3.Write a Good Opt-In 'Copy'

Other than providng your customers with a bonus, another better way of making them happy is to promote the bonus with powerful copywriting and persuasion techniques. For example, "Just Enter Your Name And Email Address To Claim Your Personal Development E-Book Worth $27, Absolutely FREE!" Make sure every word of that sentence is capitalized, and emphasize on the bonus and the opt-in list.

These three extremely easy ways of getting subscribers can be applied to websites and blogs. Simply automate your emails to your list and keep reminding them of what you're selling on your website and always have a URL link that links to your website. You can search for email templates online that can guide you on how to effectively let your customers take action and purchase your products from your site.
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