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The Top 6 Ways to Get Traffic To Your Network Marketing Website

Aug 17, 2007
As a network marketer, you want to continue to build your business. One of the ways you can do this is to increase traffic to your website. This in turn can result in your getting targeted and qualified prospects to build a relationship with. Here are 6 strategies you can use to attract traffic to your network marketing website and in return explode your business!

1. Submit articles directly to other sites. Getting high quality links to your site is huge. Ideally, you want links from authority sites. This means sites that have a lot of links to them. One way to do this is to write expert articles and get them published on related websites. The search engines views these links much more importantly than a boring link which is just one of dozens on a page in a little tiny directory on a mini-site.

2. Submit your articles to archived newsletters online. A good way to do this so you won't bother publishers who are already swamped with offers and to avoid the competition in some niches, is to build a relationship with a specific publisher first. You see, if you have a relationship and if you are prepared to write an article EXCLUSIVELY for one newsletter, your offer will be much more impressive. Make sure you subscribe and study each newsletter before you do this. Also, study the online archives. This will help make your offer more real as well as useful.

3. Use your online profile wisely. By this, I mean to always include your keywords in your online profiles. Whenever you create a profile, whether it be in places such as Direct Matches, Myspace, blogs, forums, etc., always use carefully chosen keywords. This will increase the chance that people will find you by the search engines or the particular site's facility.

4. Crank out those newsletters! Publish a lively newsletter to send to your list of MLM prospects about once a week. This is a good way to boost repeat traffic to your site. A newsletter reminds reader that your site is still alive and well!

You can encourage your prospects to return by telling them about new articles you have added to your site. You can also remind them of what they are missing, a survey you may be running on your site, a special report you know have, etc. The list goes on and on. Use whatever you can to keep them interested!

5. Submit your newsletter to newsletters directories. You can search Google for phrases such as ezine directories, ezine directory, newsletter directory, newsletter directories, etc. Once you find them, submit your newsletter. Now, keep in mind this is time consuming and you probably won't get a hoard of traffic, but it is a technique you can use get more backlinks and some traffic. Every little bit counts, right? If you have the money, you could also hire someone to do this for you.

6. Publish fresh content on your site. For something like this, you likely will need to create your own min-site, separately from your main MLM affiliate website. This can be done easily by using the free Google page creator tool. What you would do is publish articles on your site and then invite other sites to publish them on their sites with a link to you.

Many websites make it simple for other sites to reprint their articles. What you would usually see at the end of their articles is permission to print as long as you include the article's resource box with the author's information.

There are numerous ways to get traffic to your network marketing website. Using the right strategies that will work for you can result in increased traffic, which, in turn, will build your business! Why not ramp up those traffic-generating strategies now?
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Monique Hawkins is a retail representative with a major networking marketing company. She enjoys sharing with other networkers how to be successful. If interested in leaving years of MLM frustration behind, go to Free Mentoring for Life No Matter Your MLM
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