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How Has the Internet Been of Benefit to the Average Joe?

Aug 17, 2007
The age of the Internet has created many different types of new commodities, including that of a home business. Those who used to have to go to work to make income for their family are now able to stay home with their families while they work. For many people, it has made the difference between being able to support themselves and having to depend on disability income or state's assistance. For others it helps them spend more time with their families and less time at the office. Of course, there are some disadvantages in that the existence of the Internet has created saturation in some occupations, preventing those who would like to operate a home business from doing so in their field of choice.

In some fields such as writing, the Internet has created the misconception that everyone can operate that home business. As a result, in the creative fields, many believe are convinced that they have a talent that they do not possess. That doesn't mean that this is bad, but for those who possess the talent and skill that it takes for making a career in one of the creativity fields, it makes it very difficult. On the other hand, many positive things have occurred that have opened new avenues for the artist such as the ability to sell his or her work without the benefit of an agent or public relations person. The Internet is an open highway for artists in all fields writing, painting, sculpture, music, and more-to break into a field that was almost impossible to tap ten years ago.

The Internet has been a godsend for the professional who no longer has to sit in an office all day long if he has no clients or customers to see. Accountants, tutors, editors, copywriters, and advertisers to name a few can now operate a business at home instead of worry about when the next client is going to come into the office. With the world as its customers, professionals worldwide can now approach their fields with a different zeal, knowing that they are no longer limited in where they can advertise for customers. In addition, those who are looking to start a business have an opportunity that did not exist in the past, that of approaching the greatest number of people and reach a target audience that stretches all over the world with very little advertising cost involved.

If you are a college graduate or experienced worker in any field that you can operate at home, remember that the Internet is a major source of customers for any business. Take advantage of all of its resources in order to make your business the most highly successful in its field.
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