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Are Search Sub Engines Changing The Face Of Free Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
It's always been a bit of a bugbear with me that all is never as it seems when it comes to so called free advertising.

Having purchased and used various programs throughout the past four years I find it totally frustrating that very few of these programs live up to the hype on the sales page, and although truth isn't something you would expect to find online, it would make a pleasant change if just one of the programs performed as expected.

Unfortunately, I have yet to discover a single one, paid for or free, that fully lives up to the hype the promoter displays on his home page.

That is until I discovered the Search Sub Engine. This ingenious method of advertising is in my opinion, set to revolutionize the way we use free advertising.

The Search Sub Engine takes all the hassles away from advertising online, and for once there is a system out there that promises to do exactly as it says on the tin so to speak.

It promises drive constant new and targeted traffic to your website whilst at the same time constantly pushing your listing towards the top of the search results for your category. This is more than is offered by the most powerful Search Engine.

To drive your listing to the top with the Search Engines you have to optimize your site for spidering, this can be very costly and very rarely works as well as you would wish. In effect, you can spend a pot full of your hard earned cash and still be wandering in the Google wilderness hoping that you might just get your fair share of the available traffic.

Search Sub engines take all the hard work out of it for you and leave you with a clean, uncluttered advertising system that is already ranked Google #1.

This obviously doesn't guarantee sales for your business, and I am sure the operators of this system would never presume to offer a guarantee of sales, simply because there are too many variables at work to make such a grand offer.

What they do guarantee is that provided your sales page is inviting and your offer is acceptable to the general buying public, you will get the unique visits to your business.
The actual conversion of these visitors into customers, as with any system, is your responsibility. The Search Sub Engine supplies you with all the necessary tools and the traffic to achieve the best results but like any other program it cannot guarantee your sales will follow.

Having said all that, it is a new and innovative form of free advertising and provided you play your part and you are ready for the influx of visitors you should have no problem squeezing the absolute maximum advertising value from the new and free method.
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