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Lets Talk Melaleuca

Aug 17, 2007
As I grew more and more tired of my stressful life as a doctor I started searching for alternative ways to remain in the health field yet be able to make money without having to grind myself to death at work and spend hours and days away from my family.

Many people in many career fields or job industries dream of doing very little and making very much in profit.

Also many stay home mothers try to kill their time or add to the household income by finding a good work from home business that is family oriented, safe and ethical.

So many of have decided to start a health and wellness home based business and are ecstatic about both the products and opportunity. But somewhere, usually a couple of months after starting the business and attending the calls and buying the leads and trying hard to get those 8 people and become director, somewhere along that route things begin or have already begun to fall apart on you as they did with me and every other person who has joined a home based business.

It's strange to see all these corporate directors getting these ginormous 400, 000 dollars checks by Mr Vandersloot as you sit on the other side of success scratching your head or if you are like me- beating your head up against a wall- trying to figure out what on earth do these people have or do that is so different from the way you operate your business, that makes them filthy rich and you deeper in the hole?

Somewhere in that path a big alarm started to go off in my head and if you are reading this it will soon go off in your head too.

Lets examine the training, I thought to myself. Here I am being urged to buy all these 3-5 dollar leads that people find so much success with and I am spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on these training methods with close to nothing to show off in return.

Why are they asking us to buy expensive leads who they say are targeted? And when you call them it just does't work!

Let's put 2 and 2 together here; These expensive leads are people who are, in many... many cases, and I am not trying to stereotype or be narrow minded, but simply stating facts, these are people who are desperate for money.

So we are trained to call people who need money so bad they fill out opportunity forms online that promise fortune over night. And the next day they get you on the phone asking them for a commitment to a business and further more for a dollar amount to start that business. Then you start pulling teeth out and inventing new methods or even little white lies on how you are so successful and how this business can help them achieve their dreams the same way it has for you simply to convince them to join.

Every now and then someone gives in and you start to build your down line, only to watch them drop out like flys. But why?

Why are we trained to start with our family and friends and end up getting sour or mad or as in my case burning bridges because they refuse to join or "help you out". Do you or did you ever wonder why?

The conclusion was distressing and I still use and love products and whole heartedly believe in them. I just have dropped the training because now I know what the game is all about.

Don't get me wrong, I am not attacking anyone here, in fact I support what they are about, I just don't believe in these methods of teaching. They seem to train people this way for a reason and this applies to almost all the home based and network marketing businesses out there.

They train you this way knowing that you are highly likely to fail the business, but you are highly likely to continue using and buying their products and to them that is a big plus. Now, having said that, there are people out there who have been able to build a good business based on this training style, but not you! And sadly they will never actually tell you or inform you of exactly how they did it.
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Dr.Iman Ashour. She is a member of the Fourpoint Group and helps people set up and establish a successful home business.
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