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3 Tips To Post Ads In Craigs List Seattle To Get Clicked On Every Time

Aug 17, 2007
Well if you have never been to Craigs list or you have been there and just didn't stop to think about what the site is, I am going to tell you a little about it.

Basically it's just a very popular classified site. They have tons of different categories. Under each category there are subcategories with just about anything you want or need.

You can just click your state and/or city then go the ads for what you are looking for like for example, craigs list seattle to go to seattle page of craigs list. If you are outside the U.S. you will have to choose your country first. And if you are in a large city you can choose your specific part of the city.

Take for example, posting to craigs list seattle is really quite simple and straightforward. It's also free, except for the job listings in some of the major cities.

There are actually a couple different ways to post ads but I only ever use one way effectively to get my ads clicked on every time in craigs list seattle so I'm going to tell you how to do it that way using these 3 tips. So, here is how you post an effective and profitable ad:

1. Generating headlines - 100 headlines approach

By coming up with many headlines for your ad you increase the chances of having some of them "stick" on the post.

You might like to generate as many as up to 100 different headlines for a single product or service that you are promoting.

2. Include unique characters

By placing unique characters in front of each headline you increase the chances of the ad being overlooked by the 'removal bots'.

For example:

## Call This Recording to Earn Money Quickly ##
^^ This Email Address Can Have You In Money Fast! ^^

3. Using your domain name

Remember this key point as you are posting. Make each post as unique (or different) from the next--despite the fact that you may be selling the same product or service.

This is why it is so important to have a domain name for your email address for inquiries from your potential customers.

This will accomplishes two very important things:
1) It gives your ad uniqueness
2) It let you determine which city your ad was placed in. This way you can test the cities and post that get the ads removed the fastest (or not at all).

In summary, to post an effective ad in craigs list seattle that will get clicked on every time, you have to follow these 3 tips which is to generate up to 100 different headline for a single product or service. Then include special characters in front of the headlines and also use emails with your domain name in it.

But these tips will only make your potential customers clicked on your craigs list ads and for them to click through to get your product will require your copywriting skills which you will need to acquire.
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