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How to Get a Grant For a Child Care Center

Aug 17, 2007
There are many questions circulating these day's on how to get grants to start up a small business or daycare. Unfortunately I'm here to tell you that if you are a non-profit daycare finding free money will be difficult. But don't give up, just because the government is unwilling to supplement a business start ups cost doesn't mean that it's totally hopeless. It is your duty to be creative in coming up with the supplies that you will need to start up your business.

In the home study course, www.ExpertsAtDaycare.com many of these issues are addressed. Realistically you can set up a very profitable business if you think a little differently from everyone else.

One tip is non-profit independent child care business owners can try a service called,Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. This service is an online listing offering grants to individuals in the U.S. To learn more you can go to http://www.fdncenter.org. There is a charge of $9.95 per month for this service.

Here are some important steps in finding childcare grant money:

1. Do your due diligence and research. Your first step should be calling your licensing bureau office, referral agency, and child care organizations. The other organizations that also should be called an are affiliated with childcare are: Head Start, Child Care and Development Fund, Social Services Block Grant, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Even Start, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

While these organizations are affiliated with childcare, you also may be able to find an organization that would be willing to grant you money. Keep into consideration backyard organizations such as: Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, and United Way.

Also, keep in mind corporations and businesses in your area. Many a time I will enter a business and ask them if they have anything they would like to contribute. One example would be going to a paper factory, stationary etc or any office that throws out paper. Remember, you need paper for your daycare and would be able to utilize what they consider trash.

2. After you have contacted the above mentioned organizations your next step would be to request their guidelines and applications. At this point and time necessary information should be collected to determine whether you and the funder are a good fit. One research tool that would help you in your determination would be Grant Smart (http://www.grantsmart.com/search/search001.html)

3. Write a description of your need for money. You will have a discuss why you need the money and what your purpose will be for those funds. Other questions that you should be asking yourself is, why should the project be done?, how long will it take?, how much it will cost?, who will do the work?, and most of all, how will it impact the quality of childcare you will provide?

4. Prepare your proposal letter. Your letter will encompass and expand on why you need the grant funds, and what your purpose is behind it, and how it will benefit your program. Be sure to include any statistics and demographics that will influence your cause. Attach any letters of support from parents, people in the community advocating your project. As well, make sure that you have fine tuned any financial numbers or budget considerations for this project.

5. Be patient and organized. Make sure that all your papers are organized into folders; there will be a time that you will need to wait. Fund organizations do receive other proposals so be patient.

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