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How To Gain A New Customer With A Single Click

Aug 17, 2007
A majority of Internet marketers are lazy...

But what if I told you this was a good thing?

Why? Because you can use that to your advantage.

If I told you that thirty seconds of your time could potentially bring you a new customer for your business, would you be interested?

Let me take that a step further: Would you be willing to trade those thirty seconds to gain a new customer? Hopefully your answer is an emphatic "Yes!."

You don't have to be in business long to discover that customers are your most important asset. If you ask any successful online marketer where he or she have found a majority of their customers, the answer more times than not will be "my list."

However, there is a roadblock between all newsletter publishers and their subscribers...SPAM. The increase in spam has brought yet another hurdle to Internet marketers, spam filters. This is the new dirty word among all marketers using email marketing.

Newsletter publishers are in a constant battle to get their email through the spam filters to their subscribers.

Now let me reveal my little secret...

There is an easy system that allows you to bypass these filters, and get your email into your subscriber's inbox.

So why aren't more publishers using this system? One simple word: Laziness.

Many seasoned newsletter publishers are throwing away their sales and profits because they are l-a-z-y.

If you publish any form of newsletter, you have most likely been sent verification emails from places such as Spamcop and SpamArrest.

These services require you to verify your email address before your message is passed into your subscriber's inbox.

Many publishers simply disregard these emails and with a simple click, delete away a potential customer. They deem the task as a waste of time. I am still in awe of this decision, but you won't hear me complain. The less emails in my prospect's inbox, the better.

Are you making this same profit draining mistake with your newsletter subscribers?

Saying that you don't have enough time to verify your address is a poor excuse. It will take you no more than thirty seconds to do. I receive hundreds of new subscribers a day to all of my newsletters and always find time for this task. If you are getting more subscribers to your lists than me, then you probably don't need my advice anyway.

Investing some time to verify your address for your subscribers can be a huge payoff, now and in the future.

When your address has been verified, that means your newsletter and promotional emails are all being sent right past the spam filters directly to your subscriber's inbox.

The beautiful thing is, this is an inbox that isn't filled with spam. So your email is much more likely to be read than if it had been sent to a spam filled inbox.

Don't let the simplicity of this technique fool you. It is very powerful.

By verifying your address for your subscribers who use these spam prevention services, it puts you one step ahead of your competitors who are too lazy to do the same.

Getting the edge on your competition is the key to success, no matter what business you are in.
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