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The Top Five Website Conversion Strategies Used By Internet Marketing Gurus

Aug 17, 2007
Many businesses love to implement website conversion strategies to convert their visitors into buyers. This is the main purpose why we build businesses online. However, it takes a lot of patience and understanding to properly implement these strategies, because it takes time for the results to show.

You have to test these strategies and see if they work well for your site for a period of time. Let's say you'd like to test it for a month. Calculate the visitors coming in for that month, divide it by the number of buyers and multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage. Once you have the answer, compare it to the month before you implemented this strategy. If the conversions has increased, it means that these strategies work well for your site.

Some of the website conversion strategies you can implement are:

1. Your Web Copy

The skill of persuasive copywriting is very much used in sales advertisements and product promotions. In your web copy, prove and show to your customers that you can meet their expectations, needs and standards. Eliminate all their doubts make them beg to buy your product. Assure them with promises, testimonials and guarantees to prove that your product is worth buying.

2. Visuals

Product image has been known to increase conversions as much as 300%! The reason why product image is so important is because it makes the consumer visualize having owned the product in their mind. They will then picture for themselves how this product will help them in reality.

If you're selling a physical product, make it look professional by taking a picture of it with a white background. If you're selling a digital product, create an e-cover for it.

3. Website Design

In case of website designs, the more neat and professional looking, the better. Professional websites have been known to play a part in in making the customer trust the website. It is extremely rare to see people wanting to buy a product from a site that looks like it has been designed by an 8 year old kid.

4. Reviews & Testimonials

Positive product reviews and testimonials can make your potential customers clear all of their doubts and really make them consider buying the product. Customers look for testimonials because it makes them feel "safe" knowing that other people have tried the product and have experienced no dissatisfaction from it.

To obtain testimonials, ask the customers who have bought the product to give a testimonial. You can provide them with a gift if they are able to provide you with one. In this way, to get that gift, they are able to provide you with a great testimonial.

5. Promote Your Newsletter

People do not normally buy a product at first glance. They need time to think about a purchase decision, but after a couple of days, they might still be able to remember your site, but they do not consider your product anymore.

Frustratingly, how do you tackle this problem?

What you should do is to promote your newsletter to get more subscribers. give them a follow up about your product and input testimonials into the newsletter as well. Remind them about how great the product is and the people that have benefited from it. create a link back to your site and encourage them to make the purchase decision.

These five website conversion strategies are easy to understand, but it takes quite a lot of work and patience to implement them. Although these strategies may take up a lot of your time, the end result is very much worth your hard work.
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