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Affiliate Programs are a Great Way to Make an Income Online

Aug 17, 2007
Anybody who uses the Internet must have surely heard about affiliate marketing. We are all, at times, bombarded by 'get rich quick' offers. Many ignore this as a gimmick; still more have tried their luck with such schemes, or are thinking of joining an affiliate program.

It is true that one can earn a decent amount of money through affiliate marketing, however, anybody making a claim of getting rich quickly without any work, is obviously, what we call in Ireland, 'Spoofing', ie. telling lies.

To be successful with affiliate marketing, one needs to first know how the affiliate programs work. One can't expect to be successful at doing something that he/she doesn't understand! What affiliate programs do is give you a percentage or a fixed amount by the way of sales that have come through you. To become an affiliate or a publisher, as affiliates are called, all you need is a website (though most programs supply you with an affiliate website, coded with your id, I highly suggest you get your own site). Now all you have to do is post some banners to advertise the products or services offered by the programs you are affiliated with. Now each time someone purchases something from your affiliates site by going through your website, you make money! Simple, isn't it??

The way this actually happens is, the banner that you have posted on your site contains a special code that is unique to you. So whenever someone clicks on such banner, small files called cookies are downloaded on the computer. This contains the information required to identify that this person has actually come in by clicking the banner on your site. Now if this person purchases something from the site that you are affiliated with, you are given a fixed commission. At times, the cookies are kept on the prospective customers for upto a year, so that even if that person doesn't purchase immediately, but comes back later and makes a purchase, you get your commission. Though this will differ with different programs, and you need to confirm before joining a program without leaving anything to chance.

With so many scams and frauds going around the Internet, one definitely needs to be careful. Or you could end up spending precious time, money and other resources with no real benefits. However, I would like to repeat that you can earn good money by joining affiliate programs; full time or supplementary income, is your choice. To find out good affiliate programs on the net, you will need to look around a bit, and this is the tough part.

You want to be affiliated with programs that you know sell good products, and those in which you have confidence. The affiliate programs are free to register with, so you aren't required to put down any cash. So if someone asks you for money in order to register, I would suggest you move on. You get paid for the business that you bring to the programs you are affiliated with, and this is what makes a win-win situation for you, as well as the merchant. So there is no reason for you to pay for registering with an affiliate program.

Once you are affiliated with a couple of good affiliate programs, it is like flying on auto-pilot, and you will only be required to oversee things on a superficial level, or address any occasional problems that might arise. However, this is your business, and you need to be aware of what is going on. But, apart from that, there is hardly anything to do expect keep expanding with time.

So for anybody who says that this is easy money, I wouldn't really comment on that. However, it is definitely a simpler way of making money online than many other avenues.
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