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How the Top Affiliate Programs Work

Aug 17, 2007
A top affiliate program can make a great deal of money for a web site owner, and for the business that offers the top affiliate program as well. How does this happen? It is really very simple. Let's take a look at an example of a top affiliate program.

Many people these days are looking for better jobs. Many of them choose to go to a web site like Monster or Careerbuilder or Hotjobs. These large job search portals need customers and they find willing business partner web sites to locate customers for them through offering a top affiliate program. As an example, take a local city guide, type community web site. If you go to the site to find out the times of movies at the local theatre, or how the high school baseball team did in the playoffs, you'll also notice a banner ad for the top affiliate program run by Monster. If you are curious about what jobs might be out there that you qualify for, you may click on the link and register with Monster to see what's available. Because this is a top affiliate program that the city guide belongs to, they will receive one dollar credited in their account with Monster when you register.

Then, while you are looking around you may discover a job you are interested in and remember that your resume is in bad shape. So, you click on a link to a reputable online resume service. This is also connected to the top affiliate program. You fill out the paperwork and place your order. Because you ordered through the city guide and the top affiliate program, the city guide parent company will receive a percentage of the money you paid for your resume. After the resume is completed you may also decide that you need to read a book on interview techniques. The city guide is in a top affiliate program with BN.com, or with Amazon.com. Both have top affiliate programs. You order two or three books, and a percentage of that sale also goes back to the web site company. You get the idea.

The amounts paid through a top affiliate program are small, but the companies on both sides are counting on large numbers of people clicking on the link. Many hits, many clicks and many customers with small percentages paid will add up to real money through the top affiliate programs. Some web sites can make thousands of dollars per month by belonging to one or more top affiliate programs.
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