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Thinking Outside The Box - Exclusive Designer Clothing

Aug 17, 2007
One of the most intriguing things about the internet is getting you to "think outside the box." It does not take much to put together even the most remote thoughts and ideas to develop a marketing plan. I'll explain.

Two years ago, I had a winter jacket that one day vanished into thin air. It really didn't "vanish." I just got ripped off. I never forgot that jacket. This morning, while doing some browsing on the web, I found a very exciting line of pricey mens' apparel. Now, I am not a specialist in men's apparel, but looking at this stuff caused me to "think outside the box."

This particular clothibg line is one of the most popular men's designer clothing products on the market today. Due to its high value price tag, this line of clothing is very exclusive. They have a reputation for being the premiere brand in the designer clothing industry. This article describes five ways to get up to 50% off designer clothing.

1. The best time to buy any products in the designer clothing industry is in January or September. These months are the gap between the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Merchandisers will reduce prices to get rid of the previous season's stock. Some bargains can be picked up. Manufacturers and distributors traditionally have price reductions over 25% during this period.

2. Shopping value comparison websites such as Pricerunner and Kelco used to traditionally feature electrical retailers. More and more clothing retailers are now listing their products on these shopping comparison sites. A typical search should produce over 10 results. Often the difference between the highest and lowest price can be over 30%.

3. For high value purchases, customers should always use cashback sites to purchase their products. Examples of these sites are Quidco and Greasy Palm. Typically, sales through these sites give back upto 5% of your commission. On a $600 USD item, this is $77 USD in commission that will come back to you.

4. It is wise practice to be aggressive and ask for a discount, especially if you are a regular customer. Designer boutiques normally give their regular customers a 15% discount card and online shops will normally give a discount to regular customers if you ask. If you don't ask for the discount, you don't get it

5. Many e-commerce sites now feature a "discount code" box. If you enter a discount code, you receive a discount which is usually about 5 - 10%. If you do a quick search for a retailers discount code, you are likely to find it. This can save you an additional $50.00 USD.

These methods should enable you to get most discounted designer clothing. Most of these methods will work equally as well on many other products or services. This shows you what good things happen when you "think outside the box."
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