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What Do Successful Marketers Have That You May Not? Traffic!

Aug 17, 2007
Your position in the search engines depends mainly on two things, how well your website is optimized and link popularity.

Before getting started with optimizing your webpage you will need to decide on your keywords. This can be important because your keywords will determine how your visitors find your website. Develop keywords that will easily relate to you websites content. You can do a search on Google for some examples of what other websites are using relating to your subject matter.

Once you have figured out your keywords you then have to put them in all the right places.

1. Your keywords should appear in your meta description, title and keywords tag.

2. Also use your keywords in your webpage header using the header tag, and it should only occur once.

3. Another important tip is to have your keywords appear in your pages content bold or italicized, try not to over do it.

4. You should also have your keywords appear in the paragraph tag close to the top of your web page.

5. If you are using a logo graphic then you can also include your keywords in the alt tags for the image file.

6. It would really help with your ranking to have your keywords in your domain name. This can be very hard to do.

7. Search engines love words! Every one of your pages should be filled with keyword rich copy as close to the top of the page as possible.

Search engine ranking is all about the content. You must have informative content sprinkled with your keywords all through out your webpage.

What is the most important factor in determining your websites search engine ranking? Link popularity.

Link popularity is simply determined by the number of websites that are linked to your site. The search engines use the number of inbound links to your website and they also examine the relevance of the links to the content contained on your website to determine what your search engine ranking will be.

What does this mean for your websites search engine ranking? It means that the algorithm that the search engines use to determine your websites link popularity will not only look at the number of links, but also the quality.

TIP: Do not use link farms or Free For All (FFA) pages!

A link farm is a website that allows you to instantly exchange links with all the sites that they have listed. FFA sites are just useless link directories. The search engines tend to ignore any links that come from them and you may even hurt your websites ranking or be removed from the search engine.

The easiest way to find quality backlinks for your website is to install the free Google Toolbar. Why? With it you can find out the Page Rank (PR) and backlinks for any site you visit.

You can then use Google to search for your keywords. The top 5 to 10 websites are the ones that you will be competing with to get a high ranking.

Review these websites. How does your sites content compare to theirs? Is it better then yours? If so, then make some changes to your websites content, add some more if needed.

TIP: Interesting, informative content is much more attractive to the search engines then useless nonsense.

Most importantly you have to find out two things from these websites, their Page Rank and Backlinks.

Visit one of the websites that you found when doing a search for your keywords. On the Google tool bar that you hopefully installed, you will see a little round blue circle with the letter i in it. Click it and a menu will then pop up. Look for an item on the menu for backlinks, click that and it will show you all the websites that are linking to the website that you are interested in.

Now you will know how many backlinks you will need to get for your website to have one of the top rankings for your keywords.

95% of your visitors will come from the search engines below, so make sure you submit your website to them everytime your content changes.

2. infoseek.com

3. altavista.digital.com

4. lycos.com

5. webcrawler.com

6. excite.com

7. hotbot.com

We are talking about some work here, but if you want it bad enough then you have to pay the price. Those who take the time to research and make changes to their pages are the ones with all the traffic.

Googles toolbar is a great free tool that will help make it easier, but the real work is getting other websites to link to yours.

Copyright 2007, Joe Rispoli
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