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How to Add Punch to Your Marketing Article

Aug 17, 2007
A marketing article is much, much different from a normal article. You may be a good article writer, or you may have had great experience writing essays and theses, but, sorry to say, that will not count in the field of article marketing.

This is an advertising world, where the marketing article is nothing but a tool for promotion. As such, the marketing article follows a very different kind of structure and syntax from articles written solely for the purpose of publication.

In order to be a good writer for writing marketing articles, there are more than a few points to be kept in mind. Experience of course matters a lot; you become a better writer as you write more and more articles.

An experienced writer can add that punch to any article to convert it to a marketing article. These are some of the things that can make an article into a marketing article:-

(i) Check for the keyword occurrence in the article. Your article must focus on the keyword. You can get a list of much-used keywords from sites such as Overture. Once you get a popular keyword suited to your article, blend it within the article.

You may have to rewrite certain sentences so that the keyword appears in them. Keep the keyword density at about 3 to 5%. That means, if you are writing an article of 400 words, it is enough if the keyword appears four to five times in it.

(ii) You must remember that the average Internet user is an impatient person, and does not spend more than thirty seconds reading articles. However, if there is something that grabs their attention, they might read on.

You can do this by putting some very interesting facts and figures in the first paragraph itself. There must be some pointed questions asked, for which the reader would want to know answers.

(iii) Make the article easy to read. The stuff used for article marketing is not literature; it is normal everyday stuff that people want to know. Marketing articles are not for providing knowledge; they are for giving information. Keep this tone constant in your article. Use bulleted lists and headings where possible.

(iv) Divide your articles into paragraphs, each carrying at least one interesting point.

(v) The title of the article must be extremely catchy and must have the keyword in it. The keyword will ensure that the article comes up on the search engine, and the catchy title will ensure that the visitor will open the link.

(vi) Finally, you will have to write the author's bio and give a link to the website. This part is also important, because most visitors who have read through the article will certainly contemplate for a few seconds whether to visit the author's site or not.

If the author is projected as an expert in the field, there are more chances of a visit. And, of course, use all the hyperlinks properly in the back link, or they will misguide the visitor.

There is certainly much more to writing a good marketing article, but this ought to be enough to get you started. Begin writing, because each article you write will be part of a growing-up process.
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