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Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

Aug 17, 2007
What does it take to become a successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are unique and they are unlike "most people". I have been entrepreneur for the past 10 years, and it hasn't been all glory. Entrepreneurship is challenging and rewarding. It has allowed many indulgent items in our family, some of which are time and vacations.

Let's talk about the traits of a successful entrepreneur.

1. An eye for opportunity: Entrepreneurs notice opportunities when most people don't. One of my past opportunities was the purchase of a duplex. It was fairly run down, but I saw that it only needed some paint and new carpeting. Nine months later I netted an income of $42, 000. Not bad for 2 weeks of renovation.

2. They enjoy being their own boss: That's me in a nutshell. I can't stand having anyone telling me what to do, and especially having a dumb alarm clock. I create my own hours, and work in my pajamas if I want. The great thing about the internet is its open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

3. An appetitite for long hours and no pay. All embryonic business opportunities receive little or no cash. Patience must be an absolute virtue. Honestly this is my biggest struggle, I always want to see results and sometimes you just have to wait.

4. Discipline: There is no boss over your head pushing you to get work done. All entrepreneurs need an essential goal and timeline of achievement. One rule I have is that each day I must complete an active duty. One action for your business will get you closer each day to your goal.

5. Do you have a drive to succeed? Entrepreneurs have a strong desire and motivation. They dream about their success and visualize it daily. They know that they will reach the pinnacle. Most people discount entrepreneurs and think their idea's are crazy, but the entrepreneur knows better. Their success has already occurred in their mind, they just have to wait till everyone else finally figures it out.

6. Entrepreneurs are unique people. They are innovators, inventors, and millionaires. They tap their drum to a different kind of music and understand that they don't need acceptance by anyone to achieve any project that they have dreamed about. They aren't looking for the acceptance of other people and have faith and a strong desire to complete their goals and aspirations.

7. A ambition to keep learning: Entrepreneurs understand that education does not stop once school is done they keep on learning and exposing themselves to other people who are educated, goal orientated, and motivated to succeed and make their dreams come true. Entrepreneurs read books and listen to tapes each week to keep themselves on track and retain their vision of success.

They understand the concept of birds of a feather flock together, socializing and learning from other successful people is a key to their own success. Think and Grow Rich is a common read book that many entrepreneurs have read over and over again.
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