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Article Marketing: A New Twist on an Old Game

Aug 17, 2007
There is a common misconception that article marketing is a new concept, when in fact it's been around for years. People have long written about their businesses in order to market their products and services, only in the past it's been much more difficult to get published than it is today.

The Internet has allowed publishers to work at lightning speed without the use of paper or waiting for the U.S. Postal Service to distribute their products. Remember the loads of junk mail you used to get every day... wait. I still get loads of junk mail! But I no longer have to depend on those sheets of paper that are tucked inside my newspaper as my only form of advertising! Nobody ever looks at them anyway. "Swoosh!" Straight to the recycle bin.

But if your article is on the Internet -- now that's a different story. Not only are you saving trees by default, you have a much better chance that someone's going to pay attention to you and actually read what you have to say.

As you probably know, the most important part about owning a website that people actually visit is name recognition and backlinks. Well, if you're writing articles under your name (or your secret persona that runs your site) that name is going to be published on thousands of websites worldwide. Just think of the possibilities!

As long as your articles are well-written, not too long or too short (between 500 and 800 words is usually good) and informative, people are going to read them. Maybe you have a natural solution for premature hair loss in men. Do you? Lots of people will read that one. Or maybe you work on sailboats in your free time and sell rigging, sails and netting on your website. I bet you have a thousand stories you could tell!

Small business owners have been looking for a cheap and easy way to advertise since time immemorial. Now you have the option to do it! You don't have to roll heavy rocks up giant hills, participate in a gladiator duel to the death or even call your mother-in-law to see what she thinks about it. (In fact, you have the option not even to tell your wife, and just watch her face light up for once when she checks your bank balance, wink wink.)

All you have to do -- and this is hard for some people to start, I'll give you that -- is write one, two or three short articles a week about your business, submit them with software or one of several online submission sites, and BAM there you are, coursing through the universe for anyone and everyone to see.

Here's the catch. (You knew it didn't you?) This process takes time. Writing three articles will not get you 1,000 hits on your site. You have to keep at it. Write those three articles every single week for two months and you'll see results. Write two a week for a year? You might find yourself popping up at the top of the search results on all of your favorite search engines.
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Roger Haumann is a self-employed contractor by day, and blogger by night. He is a regular contributor to Article Marketer, an online article distribution service. Learn the back-to-basics approach that gets you noticed online.
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