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5 Important Points to Consider when Launching Your Affiliate Program

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing refers to a method of promoting web businesses, where an affiliate receives a reward for bringing visitor, subscriber, customer and sale through his/her efforts.

It increases the scope of your presence on the Internet by encouraging other websites to become advocates for your services, thereby increasing your online exposure.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be a very effective web-marketing tool. The indirect nature of websites is actually the main strength of this type of marketing, as it helps to form partnerships.

The affiliate builds traffic by addressing the specific interests of every user and tailoring the content to potential needs and expectations of customers. Contacts generated by affiliate marketing are considered to be of immense value, as they are derived through channels that any individual company might have difficulty in reaching through regular advertising channels.

Some of the important features that affiliates and publishers look for while deciding on the best affiliate programs are as follows:

1. Product and merchant site: Serious and proven products plus the merchant websites are the most important factors while selecting an affiliate program. Affiliates do not like to send valuable traffic to web pages that won't be able to convert to products that are not likely to impress the buyer. It is essential to create effective landing pages when starting an affiliate program. This is a sure way to recruit top level affiliates.

2. Trustworthy company: The affiliate marketing industry is surrounded with stories of merchants who offer great levels of commission but do not pay on referrals whenit comess to payday. Therefore, good affiliates always check over a company before joining a program. You should always do your due diligence online before deciding on which company to go with.

3. Communication: It is essential to be in direct communication with your affiliate program providers. Besides the person should also be prompt in responding to your inquiries. In case you encounter any problem with your program, be up front, rather than defensive about it.

A newsletter published on a regular basis can help reinforce your presence, as many affiliates sign up to programs and then get side-tracked, never getting around to publishing promo material in reality. In addition to this, a newsletter can also help instill confidence in your affiliate network on your being proactive. If you believe that you should offer an affiliate newsletter, flaunt it on your program details page. Consider feedback carefully when received from your affiliates regarding program improvement. It helps both parties who obviously want to increase sales.

4. Recurring commissions: High one-time payouts are considered to be good ways of attracting attention, provided you also offer a residual commission option. A residual or recurring commission refers to a percentage paid by the customers to the affiliate, on an ongoing basis. Residual commission is considered to be attractive when it is in relation to high value subscription services. Building up multiple residual income streams is one of the main keys to success in the field of affiliate marketing. It becomes all the more successful when based on the life of the account, instead of a set period.

5. Potential material: Always keep in mind that attractive banners look good on websites, but they can also bog down the load time of an affiliate's site page. The essence is to keep creativity as light on the server as possible. Text links convert better than banner anyhow and are much easier on web servers.

However you manage your affiliate program, the best way you will ever get inside the minds of affiliates and provide them with the best service is to actually become one yourself.
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