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Google Adsense Program - What You Must Do To Ensure The Google Adsense Program Pays You

Aug 17, 2007
If you are new to the Google Adsense program then there is a procedure that you must follow to ensure you get paid by the program. This article will discuss the security precaution that the program has put in place to protect their publishers. Keep reading to learn how to find the highest paying Adsense keywords for all publishers of the Adsense program.

AdSense is the name of an advertising service that is administered by Google. It allows webmasters to feature advertising on their websites, and thus generate extra income. Payments are made on the basis of either per click or per every thousand impressions. Geographical location, website content, and other related factors are used by Google to determine which ads to serve. The sites wanting to be advertised are able to sign up through a Google program called AdWords.

It is no secret that one of the simplest ways to make money online is through Google AdWords. It enables you to readily market products for which you are an affiliate. Adwords advertisers appear on the right hand side of any Google web page. Adwords advertisers pay Google every time a visitor clicks on their Adwords ad. The secret to doing well through Google Adwords is by paying as little as possible for your clicks, achieving a high click through rate, and a high sale conversion rate.

The program has created a security precaution to ensure that all publishers receive their payments promptly from the program. The Google Adsense program will send you a personal identification number (PIN) when you have accumulated $50.00 in Google Adsense earnings.

Your new business account will be put on hold until you manually enter your unique PIN into your Adsense account. The program will still allow publishers full access into their account, publishers just won't receive any earnings until the PIN has been entered into the account.

Warning: Your Adsense account will be disabled if you don't enter your personal identification number within one year by the program.

It's very easy to enter your Google Adsense pin number once you receive it in the mail. Simply log into your account, click on the "My Account" tab, click on "edit", insert your PIN number and click "Submit Changes". This is also the best time to ensure that your personal contact information including your address and payment details are correct.

The program is a very popular method of earning money over the internet. The key to high earnings as a Google Adsense publisher is knowing which Adsense keywords to place on your Adsense pages which are the highest paying and most lucrative. I highly recommend you do the research to find the highest paying Adsense keywords to double if not triple your earnings.
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