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Using an Online Affiliate Program

Aug 17, 2007
Forming an online affiliate program is a great way to increase your sales, and make some additional money. In fact, the online affiliate program model is the way that many of the new companies online, including many household names, became so large in the first place. An online affiliate program will encourage web site owners to post ads and links for your site on their sites, and if the offers you make are attractive and there is a demand for your product then the online affiliate program could make serious money.

When you first form an online affiliate program you need to decide how much you can afford to pay out in commission when another web site finds a customer for you. The more you can pay out, the more attractive your online affiliate program will be to the web site owners. If they have a choice of a company that pays one dollar and a company that pays ten dollars for essentially the same product or service, most will place ads for the higher paying online affiliate program in a more prominent place.

It is essential, when you create your online affiliate program to shoot for viral growth, or geometric growth. In simple terms, this means that you want affiliates to spread like wildfire adding them to your online affiliate program. They will do this is your online reputation is good and if they believe that your online affiliate program will help them make money. Also, if you pay them just for the click through, even if the customer doesn't buy anything, they are very likely to promote your site, and online affiliate program. A current example of this is the growing number of companies that offer Internet based mail order DVD rental. Most of these companies charge their customers from as little as ten dollars a month for the service, but will pay the online affiliate program members about ten dollars when they acquire a customer. They are paying the first month's membership fees back to the affiliate member that referred the customer to their business, anticipating that they will make their profit down the road on continued membership fees. This is a wise move because that encourages members of the online affiliate program to give the DVD company good space on web sites where their offer will be seen, and hopefully be attractive to many of their visitors.
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