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How To Write Marketing Articles When You Have No Writing Skills!

Aug 17, 2007
We know how every Tom, Dick, Harry and their pet dogs want to market their websites through article marketing nowadays. After all, article marketing is the way to promote websites, and there's nothing that even comes close to this method. Article marketing is an almost perfect method to drive traffic, sometimes almost insane, to your website, and get some good sales. And that too, with very little investment! The maximum you will be investing will be a few dollars and of course, some time on the Internet.

So, is there really no catch in article marketing? Can anyone do it? My answer is yes, but there is a catch. And that is, you need to WRITE articles. Not just that, the articles have to be right good and impressive, so impressive in fact that the visitor will feel tempted to click that small free but priceless thing below your article, which goes by the name of 'resource box'.

The real success of a marketing article will surely depend on whether the reader clicks on the back link in the resource box or not, and that will depend on how well the article is written. That certainly is not everyone's cup of tea.

In that case, what do people do in case they do not know how to write? There are many website owners around who have great websites, but cannot promote them by article marketing themselves because they couldn't write two appealing sentences even if someone threatened then with seven years in the dungeons. But, let me tell you here, writing a marketing article is not all that difficult.

If you know what you are talking about and have basic communication skills, well, you can write a great marketing article. Just read on to find out some invaluable tips I am going to give you right away:-

(i) Whatever topic you select to write on, write as though you know the subject. How many times would you have discussed the topic with your clients verbally? Write in the same manner. Your tone should be explanatory and it should be as though you are speaking to the person Instead of saying 'you must wear loose clothes in summer', you must say 'wear loose clothes in summer'. That much is quite easy to manage even for someone with low writing skills.

(ii) Include some personal observations in the article. Write things you have learnt from experience. Your language doesn't matter; the point you are making does. This will also give a unique touch to your article.

(iii) The topic you are writing on will help you decide your keyword. Suppose you want to write on 'fish aquaria'. You can use tools like Overture and Word Tracker to find out whether this topic is popular or not.

Type this word in their search bar. The results will show how popular the particular keyword is. Or, you will have a choice to select a better keyword. Use this several times in your article, and also in its title. You must do this so that your article shows up in the first pages of search engines.

(iv) Use a very catchy title. Even if your article shows in the search engine, people will click on it only if the title is appealing. Ditto for the leading paragraph in your article. In short, write something that will make the person read on. That should not be too difficult if you read a few articles other writers have written on the subject.

(v) Make the article simple to read. You must use bullets and points wherever possible. In short, the article should be so simple that the person who is reading your article must easily understand what you are trying to say.

(vi) Finally, comes the resource box. This is where you put in your small bio and a link to your website. It is very important to write a good bio. Do not tell about all your experiences in this box, but tell how visiting the website will benefit the visitor.

In conclusion, writing a marketing article does not require great literary talents. Make your article friendly and informative, and the battle is won.
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