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Using Article Marketing To Make Money

Aug 17, 2007
One of the first ways I started to market online and earn an extra income was from what is called article marketing. I had little money to invest into advertising and someone told me about article marketing, and how powerful it was, and they recommend that I started writing articles to promote my business.

So what Im going to teach you here today is how you can use articles just like this one you are reading to make money with your home business. Most people think writing an article is a very hard. Actually it is a very easy process if you follow these simple steps.

First write about stuff you already know. Or if you want to write about something you have little or no knowledge about then you must simply go out and research it a little bit, and read what other people wrote about it. After that you should have a fairly good understanding of what it is you where trying to learn, and you should be able to write up a very simple article on it.

Important things not to do in your articles are that you dont really want to sell people anything in your articles. You want to give them information that can help them. People love information that is going to help them accomplish what they want to do. A well-written article that is very helpful will get picked up by a lot of directories, which will then in return spread your article around for even more people to see and read.

So now you might be wondering well how do you use articles to make money if you cant sell people in your article? The answer to that question is simple. For every article you write there will always be a resource box or an about author box where you can enter in information about your self, or your business that you might run. That is where you will then want to place a small little sales pitch. If your article was good, and people liked it more then likely then will click your link, because they want to see what else you have come up with.

To make even more money from writing articles you can invest a little money for an article submission program. These places will submit your article for you to hundreds of article directories for you, which will help, increase how many people view your article. Some places I know of off the top of my head are submityourarticle.com, and articlemarketer.com these are two of the best places that I know of.
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