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Submitting Your Marketing Articles

Aug 17, 2007
In article marketing, apart from writing an impressive article, a very important thing to note is how and where you go about submitting those articles. If there is a fault in the method of submitting the articles, then no purpose will be achieved and your articles will be a total waste. Here are some expert tips about how to submit your articles:-

Finalize your article for submission

First, you must be sure that the article you have with you is good enough to be submitted. Do these things:-
(i) Check if the article has been plagiarized, i.e. copied directly from some other source.
(ii) Check if the language of the article is easy to read, and the points flow sequentially.
(iii) Check that the keyword is used an adequate number of times, but not overdone.
(iv) See how catchy the title and the lead paragraph are. The keyword must be present in the title, ideally at the first position.
(v) Check whether your bio is appealing to read and whether the link to your website provided in it is correct.

Search good article directories to submit your marketing articles

There are several article directories on the Internet today, and almost all of them will accept your marketing articles for free. They will also not charge for putting your resource box at the bottom of the article. But all of these article directories may not be good enough for your task.

Whatever article directory you are selecting, make sure that it is popular and the articles on it are read frequently. One way to do this is to check the date of the last post on the article.

If the article is popular, then there will have been several posts just a few hours before you are posting your article. However if you find that nothing has been posted on the directory since about the last six months, then you will need to steer clear from that directory.

Some promoters upload their articles on more than fifty article directories at once. Then they check out which directories give their articles better readability. If the readability on some of those is very low, then further uploading of articles on those directories is discontinued.

Frequency of submitting your articles

Initially, you can keep a low submitting frequency for your articles. But you must post at least five articles a week, or even ten, to have even some kind of impact on your website. Put this article on several article directories. As the weeks pass, increase the number. If you really see article marketing working for you, you can then hire some freelance writers to write articles for you. This will really multiply your business several times.

Actually, how many articles you submit each week depends directly on how much business you are planning to make each week. If you put more articles, your website is certainly going to have more exposure, and hence more business.
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