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Here Is Why Blog Marketing Is Better Than Email Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Blog marketing beats the pants off of email marketing if you do it right. There is no comparision to the results a useful blog will bring you versus email marketing. Having said that email marketing is not dead, it just is not number one any more.

If you write in your blog everyday you are adding fresh content that search engines love. When your content is a high quality it is enjoyable for your readersas well. This draws them back. Getting repeat traffifc and is one of the keys to long term success on the internet.

When you look at email marketing you could write the exact same thing you posted on your blog, and it probably will no even gett read. Getting an email through a spam filter is the first problem. If you overcome that obstacle you have to get the reader to open your mail, Then they need to start reading.

If your email is in boring old text fashion you do not have much time to capture their attention. A blog can have color and graphics to it making it appear exciting and if your reader has come to it on their own they are in the frame of mind to see what you have to say. Not always so with an email.

An Internet marketing blog allows you to ping blog directories letting them know you have updated your blog with new information. Your blog can be subscribed to through an RSS feed making it easy for your subscibers to keep up to date. They can even receive your blog posts via email which is one way to combine blogging and email marketing into one message.

Another huge advantage blogging has over email marketing is in social marketing. You can quickly add your blog posts to various social directories which makes them spread like wildfire all over the internet. Your blog posts serve as bait in the form of a story. When these stories are read on your blog you stand a chance to making a sale while your reader is at your blog.

Your blog now is serving as a website and this makes it much easier to interact with your visitor than any email would. If you add things like video and audio to your blog you can make it a very enjoyable experience for your visitor. We all know a happy satisfied visitor is the way to increase sales.

One last thing. You can always put a sign up form on each blog post that allows you visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or special report. You now have their name and email address which you can use to keep in touch in the future. This back end form of email marketing works very well after you have attracted them through your blogging efforts.

In summary blog marketing should be the focus for your business. Compliment it with email marketing to a qualifed list and you have another way to be read.
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