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How To Get Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
If you just started up your internet or affiliate marketing business, you may heard that "Content is King". If you have been online for while, you probably already learnt that "Content is not King, it is Kong".

What I mean by this?

Let's see after you work hard, a nice looking website was be build, you put some information there and want other people know about your site and your business.
So you sent out message to all of your friends, relatives and business associates to inform them you have started a new adventure. They come to visit your site and your website gets lots of highly targeted traffic. You look at the results and feel very happy.

After time being, you find that less and less people come to visit your site and the site's traffic goes down straightly. You start to feel frustrate.

There are many reasons cause this happen. One of it is your site may not have good content that could attract the search engines. If that is the case, you need constantly add quality and informative content to the site, update it regularly at the same time, because those little robots love it.

The best and the most effective way to achieve it is to write articles and post them on your website. Then start to promote it, you can use blog, forum, social networking and social bookmaking etc methods do this. Those are all free of charge.

If you want to get more free traffic and let your articles get more exposes, sign up with an article distribution service, like use article marketer, they will distribute your articles to the entire article directories that in their list.

Actually, article marketing is the most popular method and it has been use widely by marketers nowadays. It is also one of my main marketing strategies towards promoting my business.

Whether you are just starting out or already an advanced marketer, your sales will increase if you incorporate well-written articles into the mix.

You may doubt what I say, okay, here is how it works.

1. Write articles that provide useful information on your site's topic, focus on your business.

2. As I said, using article distribution service to distribute your articles to those article directories and ezines, it will save you lots of time compare to submit them one-by-one by yourself.

3. Include your signature at the bottom of each of your articles.

In the signature, you can provide a brief description of yourself, your business, and a link to your website. You can offer free newsletter or report to get people come to visit your site.

That is it.

When people read your article, if they like the information you provided, they will come to visit your site to see more of what you offer.

Just imagine the advantage you will receive by thousands of people reading your articles - the number of visiting translates into great quantities of targeted traffic flowing to your website, wonderful feeling, is it?

Based on the human nature, people want to do business with someone who knows what they are talking about and who can back up what they say with facts.

Well-written, helpful articles can quickly put you into this position. It is essential that you offer quality content in the way people find it useful.

Remember, article marketing will not work if you publish information with little value. You need either do a good job or not to do it at all.

So before publish your work, check the spelling, article length (500 - 750 words is the best), grammatical and punctuation errors, informative level of your article and title (key word include).

Do not panic, you only need to write each article once, and it will work for you for years to come after it plug into the net. Be patient, article marketing is your long-term strategy, if you want to see the real results; it will take about 6 months to year.
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