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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Coaching Course

Aug 17, 2007
Selecting the right business-coaching institute is an important decision that does affect your career as a business coach. This is also the place where you learn your professional skills and your decision has an impact on both, the personal and professional front. In the long run, it will decide the clients that you will be able to attract, your peer group and the impact your work will have on your clients and their lives and careers.

First of all, you need to consider the essentials. Check out the venue for the course and whether it is convenient for you. See that the cost-value-return equation is in your favor. Check out the time factor, as well as the level offered. It may not be worth it to spend a lot of money on a course that is offered far away, which makes it inconvenient, expensive, while offering an unrecognized certificate.

Also remember that even if two schools or institutes offer similar courses, there will always be a difference in the facilitators who are actually conducting the courses. They are bound to have different backgrounds and definitely, different agendas and goals for their students. It is always worthwhile to take the time to learn as much as you can about the various facilitators and their relevant teaching experience. Figure out their fields of expertise and qualifications in both, adult education and psychology, their actual field experience and the sort of expectations harbored by the school with regards to their graduates.

Enquire whether the program focuses on theory or on practice, whether the program is proven, what the teaching methodology is based on and how far it has been successful in producing the desired outcome. Also consider how large the class is and how that class strength matches your preference of a learning environment. Check if there is a possibility to interact personally with the facilitator and, in group-dynamics, with your peers. Also, ask about the kind of opportunities that exist to practice, obtain feedback and reflect on the skills you acquire.

You should also enquire about the future prospects. You must find out if the certification provided at the end of the course has adequate industry acceptance and is valued. Ask about the kind of support you can expect later and the options available for further development and improvement. Enquire whether the coaching tools used and the techniques presented are valid and reliable and whether they are proven, scientifically and by the industry.

A good business-coaching course would invariably offer validated and scientifically proven coaching models, techniques and tools. Unfortunately, many large and really high profile coach training institutes are teaching re-labeled simplistic models of coaching, using the old performance counseling methods and scientifically unproven techniques. The courses are outmoded and obsolete, biased and unstructured and almost totally lacking in accountability.

Any business coach, who does not get the proper training at a recognized and licensed training provider in behavioral coaching techniques with psychological foundations, does end up causing a lot of damage.
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