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Can You Build A Responsive Email List In The Internet Marketing Niche?

Aug 17, 2007
There's no doubt that the internet marketing niche is becoming increasingly competitive all the time, with more and more people vying for the same audience. So is it possible, therefore, to build a responsive list of email subscribers in this already crowded niche?

Well it's important to remember that although many people interested in learning how to make money online are already on several different marketers' lists, there's still just as many people who are just discovering internet marketing, and therefore are not on anyone's list yet.

It's these people you want to attract to your own list because these newbies are willing to learn and in most cases are prepared to pay good money to learn how to make money online. So if you can present them with good offers, as well as good content, you can build a highly responsive and profitable email list.

So where do you find these people who want to learn about internet marketing, and who are not already on every other marketer's list?

Well a lot of people new to internet marketing tend to start out on safelists and traffic exchanges, so these are, in my opinion, the best places to start. A lot of the internet marketing gurus dismiss these out of hand arguing that the results are poor, but most of them are missing the point. Yes, you won't make much money selling products using these methods, but you can build very large lists if you promote a good lead capture page, particularly as they're full of newbies willing to learn more about internet marketing.

In addition, you should also consider advertising in the less obvious places like Craigslist and the various online groups. All of these types of places are neglected by the majority of marketers, but you can build up a good number of responsive subscribers by using these sources.

Wherever you promote your list, you should create a compelling squeeze page where you give away a quality free report or mini-course which will encourage visitors to leave their name and email address, and therefore enter your marketing funnel, where you can market to them over and over again via email and the use of an autoresponder.

So to conclude, yes you can still build a large and highly responsive list, but instead of going after the same crowd of people as every other marketer, you want to catch the newbies who are just starting to get into internet marketing, and promote your lead capture page in the places frequented by this group of people.
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James Woolley is a full-time marketer who has built up responsive email lists in not only the internet marketing niche, but other niches as well. All of these lists are run from one autoresponder account. Click here to find out which autoresponder he uses and strongly recommends:

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