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If You Need Traffic Quickly, Nothing Beats Pay Per Click

Aug 17, 2007
PPC advertising is known as pay for performance advertising . Bid on the keywords you desire, and pay only your bid amount when your ad is clicked on.

Google Adwords is the most widely used among PPC marketers.

Why Does PPC Work So Well?

1. PPC allows targeting. You bid only on the keywords you want. You can closely target your advertising to the most appropriate audience.

2. PPC creates quick results. No waiting months to get your site listed in the search engines. You can get your link out within minutes and see results in justf hours.

3. PPC is the weapon of choice for budget conscious advertisers. You have full control over how much you bid and how much you spend per day.

PPC advertising is very multi-purpose. You can use it for just about anything you want to promote. Your web site, your opt-in landing page for opt-in sign ups and affiliate programs. You should definitely consider PPC for driving visitors to an opt-in form page.

This is the fastest way to generate a whole herd of new leads and subscribers.

It's also a useful tool for building your down line in MLM programs and two-tier affiliates programs.

Each PPC network has different rules about site promotion. Google allows you to link directly to merchant pages if you're an affiliate. It's actually a better idea to direct traffic to your own site, even if the end of the conversion chain is designed to lead the visitor to a different site. You have a lot more room to pre-sell and educate hesitant consumers that way.

A lot of testing and tracking is possible with PPC campaigns.

This is the best way to do split tests on your pages to tweak your copy and your offer. It is also very effective for SEO. Once you find which keywords are working best in your PPC campaign, you can optimize your site for those terms and go for a good search engine ranking.

PPC advertising should be one of your primary traffic tools. But, keep in mind that it is only a short term strategy. You should use it for fast boosts in traffic, to collect subscribers and to test your sales pages.

Without an unlimited budget, you most likely shouldn't run a campaign on a continual basis.

A great way of getting free traffic is to post at discussion forums on a regular basis.

Another easy way to get free traffic is by submitting articles to article directories with your resource box attached.

And there's nothing more rewarding to know that this free traffic is coming from the world's Top search engines - Google, Yahoo.

A real popular way to get free traffic is blogging. And it's free.
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