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The Benefits of Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Why is almost everyone with a website nowadays planning to do some article marketing for promotion? What happened to all the other methods of web promotion, like link-sharing, et al? Quite obviously, there is something that article marketing provides which is not done by the other methods of website promotion.

(i) The bio box
The bio box is the most important feature of a marketing article. This bio box is included below the article, and it contains short information about the author and a link to the author's website. This is how the readers of the marketing article can also visit the website. Thus, article marketing helps to add traffic on the website, and also add to the business of the site.

(ii) Article Marketing creates better impressions in the readers' minds
Marketing articles are carefully written teasers of what is actually present on the author's own website. Therefore, a marketing article is a glimpse to what the visitors will get if they click the back link and visit the author's site. It is a platform where the author can show what he or she has to offer and also create a favorable initial impression on the visitor.

(iii) Getting advantage of superior search engines
Article directory sites have high-end search engines, which propel their articles on the front pages of Google, Yahoo!, etc. By writing an article and posting them on popular article directories, the author of the marketing article can avail of the benefits of these sophisticated search engines. Thus, the author can ensure a better visibility for his or her article.

(iv) One-time cost
Article marketing is by far the cheapest way of advertising if you consider the sheer number of people it can reach out to. If the author writes the article, expenses are at a minimum. Even if the article is ghostwritten, that is only a one-time investment and there are no recurrent costs. Marketing articles are retained by article directories for a long time, and they keep on promoting the website as long as they are on the website.

(v) Catering to a niche crowd
If the product you are selling on your website is a specialty product which requires a niche market, then article marketing is the way to get it. You can make your marketing article sophisticated and technical if you want so that the reader would get the impression that you know the subject. This could attract the intelligentsia to your website if you so wish. In short, you can create several kinds of impressions with your marketing article and that helps if you are focusing on a particular clientele.

(vi) Making an e-book
Most authors make e-books of the articles they have written for marketing purposes and sell it on the Internet. In this way, the articles become a product and can bring in some direct profits. Some authors might not even sell the e-books for money; yet the profits are ensured because the e-book could help to bring huge amounts of traffic to the website.

Thus, there are many obvious and some not-so-obvious benefits of article marketing, which has today become an indispensable tool in website promotion.
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