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How To Tell If A Home Based Business Opportunity Is For Real

Aug 17, 2007
You see it all the time, ads offering people the opportunity to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a week all from the comfort of their own home. Yet often times, many unwitting men and women find themselves taken advantage of when investing in a home based business opportunity. It also seems apparent that nearly every home based business opportunity requires an initial start up fee, and that is where the opportunity can quickly become a shifty scam.

The only way to truly determine if a business opportunity is a scam or a legitimate business is to do your research. This includes checking the business with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, and the Rip Off Report. You can also determine a lot about a company by speaking with people directly associated with it. Never discredit a negative report told to you by a friend or family member. Word of mouth is still the number one form of advertising and in some cases; it is the best way to prevent yourself from heading for trouble.

There are a number of different home businesses encompassing different fields, genres, services, and more. It is important to realize that all new businesses take time to develop and it may take a while, possibly even years, before you truly see a return on your investment. However some businesses are not legitimate and are only designed to take your money and will try to lure you into spending more money to see results that will never be produced. It is imperative that you arm yourself against these unscrupulous tactics and only invest in companies that are reputable, have a clean history with the Better Business Bureau, and other watchdog organizations.

The Internet has allowed many people to advertise false claims, get rich quick schemes, and scams in the guise of home businesses. Again, the only way to be certain that you are dealing with a reputable company is to perform your research.

Many times, the scam targets you into buying a product so that you can build your own business. Essentially, these programs are creating customers and not business owners. They convince people to spend hundreds of dollars per month buying from a company, in lieu of building their business. This is one of the top scams circulating today. First, you should realize that if you are going to build a business, you are the salesperson, not the customer. You may need to buy some product (it's good for you to try the product you plan to sell), but beware of opportunities that require you to buy large quantities.
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