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How to Make Money from Home as a Virtual Assistant

Aug 17, 2007
You have a job that you love. As an administrative executive of a reputed firm, you enjoy a good pay packet. But as a homemaker and fulltime mother, you find it difficult to mange both the job and home. You find yourself at your wits end and wish that there was someway you could make money at home. Every morning when you rush through your household chores just so that you could catch that 8.10 bus, you wish that you knew how to make money from home.

Every time you squeeze into the overcrowded bus, you wish that you knew how to make money from home. Every time there is a crisis at home and you ask for leave, you wish that you had a work at home job. If you can see yourself in the above description, the work at home job of a virtual assistant is the perfect solution for you.

Virtual Assistant: A Perfect Work At Home Job
Although virtual assistants have not yet taken over the work at home job market, it is fast becoming a popular option among professionals who want to make money at home through a work at home job or even a work at home computer job. With web based businesses becoming a success, these companies (mostly home based business owners who are themselves looking for a way to make money at home) are on the lookout for people who can handle their day to day administrative tasks.

The work at home job of a virtual assistant are quite similar to that of any administrative assistant.

The job functions include scheduling, customer support, website updates, writing and design projects, data entry etc. The only difference is that instead of face to face conversations or telephonic conversations you will be talking to your employer through the computer. As such, it is a work at home computer job.

Virtual Assistance is the Perfect Work at Home Computer Job
Other than the general qualifications, good computer skills are a prerequisite for this work at home computer job. You should be proficient in word processing programs like MS Word, spreadsheets like MS Excel, email programs like MS Outlook and database management programs like Access. A good PC, a reliable Internet connection (preferably broadband) and instant messaging programs like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or ICQ are necessary for easy communication.

Further, you have to be Internet savvy and should be able to work independently if you intend to take up this work at home job and make money at home.

How To Find A Work At Home Job As A Virtual Assistant
To get a virtual assistant assignment is easy if you know where to look. Before opting for unknown work at home computer jobs from the net, first check out your former employers and local contacts. Today, many companies have woken up to the advantages of work at home job seekers. When you seek a work at home job from known people, it is an advantage for you also as they are familiar with your work.

Market your skills effectively and let them know that you are opting for this work at home computer job so that you can make money at home. Use social occasions to spread the word that you are looking for virtual assignments to make money at home. Freelance work at home job sites and how to make money from home message boards also have advertisements posted by people interested in the services of a virtual assistant.

You can also post an advertisement in these sites mentioning your skills and that you are on the lookout for virtual assistant job.

A Virtual Assistant Job Helps You Make Money at Home
You have taken up this work at home computer job to make money at home. Be aware of the payment patterns in the industry before you offer your services. Check the different sites that offer how to make money from home material. They generally mention the money you can charge for specific assignments. Check out sites that offer virtual assistant services. If you are starting out and have no experience to boast of, you can even join one of the online firms that will market your services.

Initially you will not be paid much, but get some experience and later on you can branch out on your own and learn how to start an online business. After all, before knowing how to make money from home, you have to know whether you can make money from home.
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