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The Coming Network Marketing Boom

Aug 17, 2007
It seems the network marketing, or MLM, industry has been on the verge of an "explosion" for about as long as, well, there has been a network marketing industry. Certainly there have been growth spurts in popularity over the years, but the business just never really - exploded, at least for any sustained period of time. Even those occasional growth pops were always followed by slumps in the MLM economy. Yet, throughout it's history, even in the midst of those slumps, and especially over the last two decades, many of those who would promote it would tell us that, soon, the network marketing industry is going to, dare i say it again... EXPLODE! Ah, if I only had a dollar for every time I've heard any derivative of the word "explode" as it relates to network marketing I'd be a wealthy man. About as wealthy as I'd be if I got a dollar for every time an MLM distributor used the term "revolutionary," but that's another subject.

The various promoters of this alleged upcoming MLM boom have always had at least one good reason for believing their claim. It wasn't entirely on hype. Nothing more than the monumental and numerous advantages that network marketing offers to those who want to start a home based business certainly should have been reason enough to think that, soon, the masses are going to discover those advantages and flock to MLM en mass. We could surely forgive them for their optimistic delusion.

As history has shown us in many industries, the merits of a product alone won't necessarily sell it. When Ruth Stafford Peale said "find a need and fill it", she was close. Personally, I'd rather find a "want" and fill it. Obviously, people would be more likely to obtain something they want as oppose to need, and they've not flocked to network marketing en mass for no other reason than they simply can't want something they neither understand nor even know exists! There is overwhelming evidence that the reason this industry stands at a little over 7 million distributors is because, for the most part, those 7 million network marketers are all pitching their opportunities - to each other. This has created a great ignorance about network marketing among most Americans. And I use the word "ignorance" deliberately here, which does not mean unintelligent. Ignor-ance means simply, to ignore readily available information. And the vast majority of the U.S. population has, at least up until now, utterly ignored network marketing not only due to a lack of want, but a lack of knowledge as to it's benefits, or that it even exists.

But that is all about to change... forever.
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Jim Mack is the leading authority in teaching actual methods - proven, practical strategies that work. In fact, Jim truly lives the principles he teaches and is the epitome of leading by example. See him at http://www.whoisjimmack.com and http://www.passivecashcow.com
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