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Keep The System On Your Mind Let Your Business Make The Money

Aug 17, 2007
Most home businesses don't know how to make money online... this is because they haven't learned how to add value to network relations. These home business owners need to learn that their survival is based on helping others. Not the other way around by promising more and providing less just to put some immediate cash in your pocket. Remember short term gain is less valuable than long term success.

Maybe you became someone's short term gain by joining a program and suddenly realized you were alone without the support you were promised. And if you were lucky enough to sign up someone, they were just as inexperienced as you or worse. Then you perpetuated the problem by not being able to help them make money that you yourself didn't know how to make. You may have then gotten discouraged and moved on to another program looking for that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Trying to make money on the Internet without a workable system is like gambling in the Los Vegas casinos, "never have so few taken so much from so many". You won't win because the odds of winning are against you if you don't have a ready made organization of hundreds or thousands of people that trust and believe in you. If you don't have those loyal followers in your down-line, and a system that works with your experience level you will loose money every time.

Now how will you know when to invest your time and money in a business opportunity that will give you a fighting chance of making money? First you need a system that almost anyone can follow... one that even a newbie can understand, with a step-by-step plan to success. Next you need to have the following key components in place.

1. A stable company.

2. A legitimate product or service.

3. A quick income pay structure.

4. Your ability to do the math that adds all this up.

Beware of the Duplication Myth:

Now here's a secret to wealth in network marketing. The next time an up-line program trainer or sponsor tells you to duplicate... Run for the nearest restroom and get sick. Because that word, duplicate, is the reason why most net-workers fail. That's right; if people change their thinking from Duplicate to Delegate they will start making the kind of money they got into business for in the first place.

It doesn't matter what type of home business it is, 95% of the owners fail because they were taught to duplicate. So If You're Duplicating Your are Using a Concept That Produces 95% Failure, period. Since you are the CEO of your home business you can change that mindset and begin to Delegate.

Ok, you may agree that delegation is the way to go. But you're in a small home business, and can't afford to hire salespeople, customer service people, marketing people, trainers etc.

First of all you're small because you've been duplicating, next, you can build a team without having to hire, train and take on extra expenses. Here's how just such a system can work for you.

Imagine this:

. You spend 30 minutes to an hour a day managing your online lead generation system.

. The system generates a daily stream of prospects.

. You forward the prospects to your sales staff. They call your prospect, invite them to look at your business, and make the follow-up call to answer questions and close the prospect on joining your business.

. You get an email or phone call notifying you of your new down-line member.

Or this:

. The phone rings and its one of your salespeople, you like this guy because he makes you a lot of money, he's calling to say he just closed another sale for you.

. Next, your system automatically sends your new down-line member instructions to plug into company live training where you have experts training your people. You might drop in once a week to answer questions.

You also have a toll free number your people can call for support and you have a support staff to handle all that for you.

That's how it works when you use a system that delegates and not one duplicating failure.
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Rupert has been an Internet marketer since 2003 and currently helps small business owners start and maintain profitable internet businesses. He also promotes an online marketing system that helps people achieve downline building success. http://viewbizmarketing.com/PDB
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