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Defining a Business Coach

Aug 17, 2007
Coaching sessions are habitual in the American Corporate world, according to the Investors Business Daily. A business coach is a trained person who is hired by small business owners, to help enhance the business productivity.

Many coaching schools train the business coaches and there are a number of business schools with curriculum that lasts for two to three years. The subjects range from empowering to bringing out the clients best.

Coaching is considered a profession and some great coaches are also the most dedicated and encouraging people. They are paid for their services, equal to the pay packet of the senior executives. The coach uses his ability of effective communication and interaction to build on the productivity of the organization.

The clients who hire business coaches are also the owners of their own businesses or they are commissioned sales persons. The hired business coach works in close association with the management and staff over a set period of time, to enhance individual and organizational productivity.

Many clients appoint a business coach to gain from the assistance or support made available. This means that the business coach can advice the appointee and is basically hired to help the client to kick-start the business into a profitable performance.

There are many reasons why a businessman appoints a business coach.

. Some are interested in earning extra profit and enjoy more free time
. Some want their business to do better than the existing form
. Some are new entrepreneurs and need help to establish themselves as business owners.
. Some start a new function and they need the help of a business coach
. Some want to learn problem handling techniques
. Some want to benefit from a better balance between home and work

The business ideas that flourish are basically not unique ideas. They are the client ideas, which are nurtured and supported by the business coach. Some business coaches are trained to follow strict processes and many clients do not favor this. Therefore, a successful coach is a person who can adapt easily.

Business coaches maintain an interactive partnership with their business heads to achieve professional and personal goals within the business organization. They plan strategically and thus enhance the business results.

A coach generally does not just advice the business heads, but also guides them. A business coach creates an environment where the management becomes aware of the potential at hand, without being affected by the past performances. Many organizational rules and regulations prevent the business coach from taking any action or producing bottomline results.

A business coach can be either a business partner or an employee. You and your coach need to work together and select a group of people, even before you initiate the venture. A business coach can unleash the powers lying within you to accomplish more than what you thought can be possible. The available potential within every employee and the management can be tapped very easily with the help of an effective business coach.
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