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Discover The Top 3 Simple Ways To Increase Sales!

Aug 17, 2007
You have your own products, be it physical products or digital products such as an ebook or software. You try your best not to tear your hair out every time you find out that you've not made a sale at all or you get only a number of measly sales in a matter of months.

However, have you considered these sales strategies that can help you in your Internet business?

1. Let Affiliates Do The Job

For a one time payment at Clickbank, you can list your product for affiliates to promote. You can decide how much you want your affiliates to earn commissions from selling your product. The great thing about Clickbank is that it is also a payment gateway. Meaning you do not have the hassle to settle your affiliates payment commissions because Clickbank does it for you.

Also with your affiliates doing the work, they redirect your customers to your site. Meaning to say not only will you increase sales, you will also get a surge in traffic ratings as well.

2. Organize a Competition

You can organize a competition for your affiliates at least once in two months. Create a set of rules and regulations for your affiliates to comply with in order to receive your grand prize. If any affiliates win the competition by giving you the number of sales you want from your product, you can offer them a reward of $500-$2000, a digital camera or any other incentive you feel is right to give your Top affiliate.

3. Organize a Workshop

You can organize a free workshop or meeting to teach people what they need to learn. For example, if you're selling a product on learning how to blog, you can give people a free hands on workshop with the criteria that they purchase your product.

Or, if you want to make more profit, you can ask them to purchase your product and as a promotion, they can get a 60% discount on the ticket to attend the workshop. The second idea is much better in my opinion, because it gives value to the lessons you teach and it gives an unspoken agreement that you are much more experienced in this niche.

These three strategies need a lot of input and planning, but the output is worth it. These three simple strategies, if you implement them and work hard, can make your sales boost in ways you wouldn't even imagine.
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