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The Essential Rules of Business Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
A business coach works with the main objective of helping others in competency improvement, even as they go about performing their tasks. He does this by providing effective guidance and advice. Business coaching does not simply include expression of ideas that may be beneficial to those being coached, but comprises of recognizing their talents and actively working with them, to make them actually improve to the highest performance levels.

It is possible to give effective business coaching only if the coach has a thorough understanding of coaching essentials and has sufficient hands-on coaching experience. Other than skills acquired professionally, the coach should also possess a high degree of personal skills to be a good coach. It is this attribute that he would practically employ to help his clients to attain higher levels of competence, with the positive outcome of better performance.

To become a quality business coach, one must be aware of the essential rules that would be effective in improving the lives of other people. After assuming the responsibility of a business coach, the very first thing that a coach needs to do is to set realistic expectations. To set realistic expectations and goals that are achievable is essential to bring about a change for the better. Those expected to improve would need to know the reasons for new expectations and goals and the how these can help both, the individual and the organization to move on.

Once the expectations and goals have been decided, observing performance begins. This is necessary to ascertain required help areas for the performer. This may consist of one or more areas, which require help such as willingness for taking initiatives, level of self-confidence, skill at execution of planned action(s) and the knowledge of when and what to do. Identification of performance barriers is also a must.

Once the areas requiring help for improvement are identified, the execution of methods for correction, leading to improvement begins. This is to be done gradually, by breaking down the whole process into small stages. The coach, at each stage provides relevant advice and necessary skill training, devising improved tools, if required, to remove barriers restricting performance. The whole process may have to be repeated more the once, in order to guide and encourage the client, directing him towards consistency in improvement.

Appreciation and censure, both are to be employed regularly. Even the smallest success earns an appreciation, whereas every mistake needs to be criticized to bring about correction. Here comes diplomacy and the personal skills of the coach, to create a win-win situation by ensuring that all his coaching interactions result in a positive experience and are more than acceptable to all concerned. It is also a necessary skill that helps in client retention.

It is crucial to always remember that successful coaching is possible only if you are able to build a personal rapport with the person being coached. Your advice would otherwise go unheeded and hence, be ineffective and will lead to circumstances in which you may not be able to conduct a proper analysis of the situation.
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